Is BEV still working?


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I was away for some days so I haven't been in touch with FTA for a while. I just checked my channels and all the channels on BEV are black. So is this a key change or the rest of BEV channels also got effected by the new ECM?

No 12 year old kids please.

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Bev Keys Updated: 2006-08-01 14:45:00
Key 00: 55D131F63B7991E659A5209877FAFDCD
Key 01: 6A1B0BEE170CBCE50B821B07B13A26B3
or Maple Leaf
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Posted on Tuesday, August 01, 2006 - 06:57 pm:

N 0901 00 55D131F63B7991E659A5209877FAFDCD
N 0901 01 6A1B0BEE170CBCE50B821B07B13A26B3

I am not sure what the N 0901 means

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The ECM has taken down most all the channels EXCEPT the locals...and yes there has been a key change which U need to get the locals..

0901 = Bev provider ID

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BEV & CHARLI ......DAWN ...

Need new "file " not the key ...

Waite......waite BS fix ....Upload

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LK ... I have a question.
When I go to change Keys and use arrow keys to get Id porvider all I get is FFFF's it will not let me change the Id number or the Keys. All channels are there just not comming in with out key change. How can I get around that. I see for ID provider Dishnet and globlesat but all the rest are blank. I have two fortec recievers both have June 10 277 bin .One only has Bell express VU on it with it's own dish aimed at Bell only.
The other I am watching dishnet ( working locals only ) aimed at echo 8/10 ( using keys ) it works. both have standerd LMB maybe linear LMB
Am blonde so don't know the difference LOL :-) sorry!

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You cannot change the ID numbers, only the keys themselves. Pansat only supports DN, Bev, and Globecast providers.

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nice to meet you again LK!

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Well I moved my dish over to the 110w beam.. and the keys rolled so I am getting the local channels only. I guess there is nothing left on BEV.

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dorren did u set the default key before you go to that screen

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i get locals with dn, but i cant get locals on bev. what can i try?

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Can somebody tell me how i can add bev to my pantec 2500 utral. I can only see Dn on nag2. Thanks for your help.

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Supposedly bev has some working locals but i guess there spot beam cause i cant get a single one other than the audio from a few.No video.

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there is no local 4 bev
none working
only dish

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thanx aanaa as for bev nag2 provider o9?? someone wanna back that up??
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