Why there are free local channels but no PPV?


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What gives? DN doesn't scramble local channel?

BTW, what's up with the coders on the bin? If they need more helps, there are so many smartass indian/paki that could easily figure out the codes at cheap rate... It's call OUTSOUCING!!

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What local channnels...I don't get anyone but the GolTV I already deleted channels and rescanned and nothing...can you explain how do you get locals?

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They are in the 8000's.
Depending on where you live, they are spot beamed to central locations.
You should just be able to scan the sat and they'll be there.
Provided you have the most up to date keys.

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I found in the past if you used something like channel master.... you may not get all your channels back if you saved in favs. You may need to start over. Factory setting dump your channels. Reload the bin and do a blinde scan . Only local channels working are in the ( W ) work on echo 8/10 and one or two in the ( K ) on echo 7 .All the rest are paid programming and jewlery sales .... and yes some in the 8/9000 work also.

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LOCALS are SPOT BEAMED to specific small geographical areas versus national channels which signals are sent everywhere..thats why most locals are still up, as long as U have the newest 7/27 keys input into your bin and receiver..

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can you pick up the all spot beamed signals ,if you had 10 ft. dish

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they are spot beamed which means unless you have a dish as big as the usa you will only get the locals that are sent to your area.

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Got a recipe for soup.

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LK or anyone?, so will the locals go down eventually?? and i get over 100 locals working(cw600p) stil but on my other box 102card theres ppv working and the locals show up in the guide but can't view..says outside the viewing area.. but the same channels i get on cw.. ?? why is that?

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I've just the sound of few channels in bev, but i dont have the picture ,
what can i do?
for hte dishnet i dont have the both
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