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Were's my p4/p5 bin stilwaiting,dreaming lol.

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I beleive Nagra2 with FTA is dead, just like the P4/5 with DTV...True FTA will always be here, with the hundreds of free channels and satellites but DN and Bev with N2 is gone forever...sub sharing is the way to go!...these BS stories daily from FTA camps are de je vu of DTV days!

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Well not wishing ill, but for those of us who do FTA, the prices of some very good equipment should be coming down soon. Unless of course they anticipated this and cleared inventory since the ECM before this one so they wouldn't get stuck with a lot of boxes.

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Price of boxes were already dropping at some places like they full well knew before this last ECM. FTA boxes are paperweights now, useless, like Dave did to them a few years ago. It was only a matter of time.

FTA is worthless unless you want the few true free channels out there, hardly worth buying a box for.

Look at all the Dave irds and cards out there that are totally useless now, short of subscribing and using them. Some one might make a killing reselling all the inventory in people's homes if there were enough of a demand for them now that piracy has been thwarted but there isn't that extra demand. Dave is hurting again. Short term gain in subscribers with long term pain in fewer advertisers having a smaller audience without piracy. Damned if they do, damned if they don't.

RCA sold a lot of receivers and there are a lot of P4/5 cards out there collecting dust and sold at a huge premium albeit NDS must have benefitted from these sales to hackers. card sales would be a bad indication of viewership if they use the number of cards made to determine this.

If you add the costs of all this stuff that is useless now, one might find it has been a very expensive little hobby indeed and hardly worth pursuing in light of the risk/rewards.

Too bad it is over and free FTA is so crappy...
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