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My Take on the Problem - 20 Hours Ago


Well to set the record straight I too will tell you there is no fix as of yet. Will there be a fix you ask. In my opinion yes there will be one. How soo do you ask. Again in my opinion I think we r gettting closer but still along ways off. So if you here there is a fix out and you need to join a site to get it then I would tell you that it is a scam. no pay site will have the fix alone. Like they allready said they usually get it from the free sites. I know that when ever I post something it is not on a pay site first. No reason to fall for those scams. This is called FTA FREE to Air not PTA PAY to Air. Do not Pm me and ask how long because I do not know. All I can tell you is that we are working hard on it and as soon as one provider comes out with something the others will soon to follow. At this point it does not mattrer who is first only that someone is.

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Ha ha ha.
6 weeks of waiting, and still no straight answer, except, "I think they are going closer"
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