Cool$at 5000 and rom 102 for newbies


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i have cool$sat 5000, need help on where to get card reader and rom 102 and the installation and porgraming process. Appreciate help in advance

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CO0LSAT5000 NORW v124
07-19-2006 Release on July 19,
2006 @ 1:00AM by
NOrw-Group The implementation
of some unknown maprom routines
from deep inside the rom102 has
made it necessary To "slave" or
"aux" the card similar to what
was done with emulation during
the H and Hu days. This is
being done while a cardless
solution is worked on. While
we know that not everyone has an
"open" Rom102 to aux, the Co0lSat
hackers decided that at least a
partial solution is better than
no solution. Borrowing some
test code from a very talented
card coder (We will leave his/her
name out for anonymity sake) We
have implemented an "aux" card
that is completely safe from the
stream so there are no worries
about the Card receiving any
damage from malicious
code. Testers can get this
working now by writing the
"AuxCard.bn102" to an open rom102
and inserting it into a Co0lSat
receiver that has a card slot
that is active, along with
reprogramming the stb with our
new code. The Co0lSat hackers
that collectively hacked the box
and have now implemented an "aux"
card want the folks with Co0lSat
receivers to know that if there
is a way to provide a solution,
short or long term, it WILL be
done. Enjoy life, enjoy each
other, and now, enjoy some
TV. Warning: Use at your own

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try dss toy box or eb ay for reader and rom

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How To Get Your Cool Sat Working With Card Fix
HardWare Needed:

1. You will need a Cool Sat with a card reader
2. open rom 102
3. ISO loader

Software Needed:

1. N2Edit

How To Prepare Your Cool Sat:

1. Unplug the AC power
2. You will need to install the card reader in the Cool Sat by removing the 5 screws that hold the case cover on. There should be two on the bottom and three on the back of your Cool Sat.
3. Place the Cool Sat with the front facing you and you will see the mother board has a plug socket on the bottom right corner. This is where you plug in your card reader. You should hold up on the corner of the motherboard when plugging in the card reader. I have heard of people cracking their motherboard when plugging in the reader, so be careful.
4. Mount the reader to the case and replace the top cover.
5. Write the 125 bin to your Cool Sat just like you would with any other bin.

How To Write Your Card:

1. Connect your ISO loader to your PC and put the 102 card in the loader
2. Open the N2Edit Software.
3. On the N2Edit program click on Card on the Toolbar at the top. This will give you three options choose Read From Card. When it is done it will say Card Image Read Successfully and give a Total Read Time.
4. You will want to save your original bin from your card by clicking on File on the toolbar then choose Save Image and put it somewhere on your PC where you will know where it is in case you need it again down the road.
5. Now click Tools on the toolbar and you will see three options and you select Clean Codespace. Instantly you will see Card Cleaned Successfully under Total Read Time. This actually has not cleaned your card it has only cleaned the image you just read from the card.
6. Now click Card on the toolbar and select Write To Card. When it is finished it will say Card Image Written Successfully and give you the Total Write Time. This step has written the clean image back to the card and now you know for sure that your card is clean and ready to write.
7. Now click File on the toolbar and select the Open Image option. You will then have to find the AuxCard.bn102 File from your PC highlight it and click Open.
8. Now Click Card and select Write To Card. When it is done it will say Card Image Written Successfully and Give the Total Write Time.
9. Now remove your card from the ISO and place in the reader of your Cool Sat.

This should get you up and running

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Installing the card reader in a co0lsat pro is too easy
I have added some pictures thanks to one of our supporters.

tools needed
1 good 4 way-phillips screw driver.
1 co0lsat card reader.

how to
1. unplug the unit from power.
2. remove 3 screws in the back
3. remove 2 screws one on each side.
4. were the card slides into the front there is a pull out tab
on the inside of the unit there is 2 nubs push them very easy
toward the center and push outward.Then remove the plastic tab.
out the front of the unit.
5.Place the card reader inside the unit.On the side of your co0lsat
there is 3 nubs and a screw hole.Line the card reader frame up
and put the screw in.
6.Line up the screw hole on the inside of the unit and place the scew in it.
tighten that screw inside and on the side of the unit
7.Place a small peace or (2hunting_dad) of card board unter the main board (obe wan thanks for sharing)Or a match book(cspo)and
Plug the cord into the slot on the co0lsat mother board.
black wire to the left side.Becarful its a tight fit.
7.Place the cover back on and put all screws back in.
8.plug it up to power and its now ready to have the card

on the picture
#1 is the pull out tab and shows were the nubs are.
#2 and 3 are screw placement

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1. You Will Need a Co0lsat Receiver with a Card Reader.

2. You Will Need a Rom102 Card.(For More Info on what this is, Google Search on Rom102)

3. You Will Need Some Way to Program the Rom102, and UnLock it If Needed (For More Info on what this is, Google Search on Programming/unlocking Rom102).


A. With the Carder reader install. Load the Bin 1.24,

B. Next, There is a File Name AuxCard in, Downloads. once you Learn how to Use a card with #2 and #3. Just Load the AuxCard to the Card.( No other is Needed. no Blockers Etc.)

Hint: If you dont have the Stuff for the Rom102 Might Be a Friend. Just Load the AuxCard.

C. Put the Card it the Co0lsat and it will start working.

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I would like to see this great of a step by step to use in a dis*net 2700. Which I have but it is from 04 and i am sure the card I have is useless. I was considering the ROM 102 but I would like to try it with the reciever I have.

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thanks every body.
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