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Re: How TO Get Cool sat Backup w/Card (merged)
The best bet is, if you do not have a ROM102 then purchase one open from a reputable source. You do not know what your getting from ebay...'Buyer Beware'.

(If your card is open & unlocked) You will need a programer with a crystal speed of 3.68. The old DTV pgmr's where 3.57 & will not work unless you buy a new crystal from an electronics shop, remove the old crystal & solder the new one in.

You will need N2EditB9 & up in software. There also may be some support programs you will need for Windows to allow N2edit to run. i.e. MS .NET Framework that can downloaded from MS, VBRUN6 and if anthing else is missing N2Edit will tell you what ocx or dll file is needed.

After you have N2edit running...

Unzip the auxcard.bn102 into the N2edit folder

You need to plug your programer into the serial port on your computer...Com Port 1 should be open as that is the path N2Edit uses.

Put your card into the programer face up, unless you are using a Mikobu or Extreme Pro...then you put it in upside down, gold contact in first.

In the upper left side of the word card.

Click reset will go away for a few seconds and come back showing you the ATR is good and what kind of a card you have i.e.e D**h or B#v, Rom#Rev#. If all O.K continue..

Click read will take a min. or so to do this. If it sucessfully reads, then click on the diskette button & save the virgin image to the number on the back of the card (do not pull the card out..write the S00xxxxxxxxx number down before you begin. You want this virgin image to write back to the card to clean the AUX image off when/if a new one is needed.

Then click the open folder button & select the Auxcard.bn102 & then click open.

Click reset ATR again

Click word Card, then click wriyte to card. This will write the image to your 102. It will come back & tell you when it has completed & if it is successful. You will probably see a stement that there where 15 retries or some not worry about that.

5 screws to take cover off STB. 2 screws to install card on bottom, one on right side near front. Card reader has alignmentknobs, cant go worng here. Plug cable into open socket on right..again only one way..make sure black wire (the rest are white) is closest to the front of the will under stand when you see it. Put cover back on & put 5 screws back in case.

Flash your STB with the new 124 bin, as you always did using the latest Cool sat loader.

Plug in your reciever, insert card Yellow/Purple up, gold contact down & forward. Turn on TV & viola..picture.

Hope this helps....

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Thhis not an FTA solution In this situation it is better to get original DN receiver this is BS who is going to spend another 300 for something with no guarantees

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exactly around $300 and you can watch tv again. so cool sat has no fta fix either

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This FTA is all about $$$ we bought into it and said Wow!!! I can't believe I got free T.V. Now it is all speculation if there is going to be a fix or not. My units paid for themselves and I had fun learning about FTA. Now I see it turning into something else and it isn't very nice. No one promised me anything when I bought my first unit, there were no guarantees. As far as cards I see this as a way for the manufactures Etc! to stay in business, and as I said in my opening statement it really is all about $$ I personally will not buy cards! to many of these same people were saying there close to a fix-- now there talking about buying cards and card readers Etc! My gut feeling is some of these people are not telling the truth! That as it may be, enough said, for myself it was fun and who knows maybe it will continue but I won't hold my breath. Good luck to all--------------
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