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The Theory Behind Viewsat & TheDssGuy


I would like to take this time to warn all of YOU of a certain individual(s) within OUR FTA Community. The mere fact that this individual speaks and/or is ALLOWED to speak on ones web site raises a hair on my back. When this individual spreads the word of the Great ViewSat of Korea, it definitely strikes a nerve. BUT, when this individual speaks about a fix and ALMOST promises a fix,that really, really, upsets me. These tactics & false pretenses of a fix are very borderline to being a scammer. He has done this before when HU testing had been pulled from under us all. During that time, he campaigned and tried to get people on board his bandwagon and preach to those who followed him. And I mean PREACH!!! He would PREACH the good word of the P4Crack. "BEHOLD OUR Private P4 3M JOIN NOW!!!". And here we all are still without a Dave hack. And to those who paid into the HYPE and into the common fallacy of this individual, we feel for you.
So to all of you, allow me to introduce to you,


TheDssGuy is nothing more than a PAID, under the table, spokesman for Viewsat. He is usually guaranteed 100 Viewsat receivers a month JUST to push and hype up the Viewsat brand. With the current issues that have transpired with rom102 and FTA,Viewsat is now in dire need of ridding their stock. No one wants to buy FTA in North America for TRUE Free to Air, or at least the market is very, very, small. Over the past week, you have seen Viewsat's fall in value and are now being sold for a measly 50 silver dollars. This has really blasted a hole on the side of the Viewsat ship. Once a receiver sinks to the bottom of the FTA line, its hard to bring it back up. Kind of like the titanic, once it sank, there was no bringing it back up. My point is this, "The Good Word" of TheDssGuy is all talk. Correct me if I'm wrong, but i think The Mouth of The South is NOW more fitting than ever for our Viewsat Savior, TheDssGuy, Amen! As the old saying goes, "you are what you eat", therefore one who knows TheDssGuy, knows that he really IS that full of sh*t!.The word of a Viewsat fix, that he is currently hooking people
in with, is 100% FALSE. I myself, have talked to the source of where they get their files from and they have told me that they, in fact, 100% dDO NOT HAVE A CURE for the current issues plaguing all of FTA. And now we have another plague upon us, TheDssGuy. The worst part of all of this, is the FACT that the Viewsat OWNER and TheDssGuy BOTH know 100% that they DO NOT have a fix, but still are lying to the people about having a fix or releasing (and of course never meeting their promises) just to rid of the thousands of dollars of Viewsat units they are all sitting on. I for one will NOT tolerate, ANYMORE, these actions, tactics, and pranks upon the FTA community. I have already started MY actions towards these individuals
by NOT allowing them to our sites at Future-fta and Al7bar. Their filthy, dirty, foul smelling, mouth full of sh!t are no longer ALLOWED on the premises of these sites; not to mention, the stupidity they instill in all of us after having to read one of their posts. Don't get me wrong, they have nice units. I myself like the units, I just don't like the current tactics they are using
to rid their stock and in turn are keeping up the hopes of all of those with Viewsat units, only to let them down time and time again. Sad, really, if you ask me. I would Never in 100 years, would I have thought that the owner of Viewsat would allow and instigate these types of actions. Pansat would NEVER allow these types of actions just to rid of their stock. If anything they would let all of you know if the end was upon us. But they haven't and have kept quiet and will continue to do so until a fix is definitely posted.

So to those of you out there looking to buy an FTA unit, save your money and wait it out until something comes up. When something comes up, you'll hear about it here first.

Thank you all for your time, and please, don't fall for the hype and don't fall for the tactics.


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The above post was C&P from Al7Bar...

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Finally someone honest!

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and its ALL BS!!

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Hey Mary Janas, You POSTED:
"Reading and understand what is written seems to the problem with folks. Viewsat didn't say the fix will definately be out today!! I read the earliest the fix could be out is Wednesday (today) or latest is next week. So for people who don't understand this, really need help in comprehension skills.

Viewsat also mention that it is taking them longer than they thought it would.

IF is conditional word.... Statistics 101. If they figure it out and write the code then the FIX will be made but if they don't figure it out, the fix will not be made. The FIX is a dependent variable here. There will be no fix until they figure out everything and write the code. So, until then, please understand what is being written and have some patience. Peace to all."


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I belive what Mary is trying to say is the bin will be out when it's freaking ready, so just chill.

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Yes reggie, I know what U R saying, but, the fact that DSSGAY, had said & claimed that the coders got the full MAPROM, and it's all "hardware routines" that are now just beeing worked on by the CODERS, was ALL LIES.
MR LEAKER said, "that he is currently hooking people in with, is 100% FALSE. I myself, have talked to the source of where they get their files from and they have told me that they, in fact, 100% dDO NOT HAVE A CURE for the current issues plaguing all of FTA".

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Hey Bin Chi Code Osama Laden Bin: OK so you dont believe the dssguy,thats your right,but why in heavens name would you believe some mod from future when he says he talked to the coders that provide vs files and they say no?????

You are a moron if you believe that story.

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That message oringinated from royce,Hes got no dog in this fight. He just supplies news. It did not start from al7bar.

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Charlie, DID I SAY I BELIEVE FUTURE'S MOD? You R missing the point, READ AGAIN. My point here is:
EVERYONE IS GIVING US BS. One says this, the guy says that. Everyone is being fooled by MODS. So a lot of people were expecting, something. Bottom line is (in my oppinion), is that, there is no "cure" at the current, which was mentioned part of the statement above. That part I agree.
What about you? R U 1 of the DSSGAYS believer? so now U R offended? Go sak his dik. Maybe you'll get some bin out of it, but keep to yourself, coz' they are not as good for some people as what being said.

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It again looks like everybody knows something
well nobody knows nothing
There is no fix at this time period...
and nobody is so called 90% there
this bull has been going on evr sinds it all went down.
there is a lot of phony bins out there
to screw you up , when there is a fix it will be plastered over every website overnight and you
could not possibly miss it if you tried.
so in the mean time don,t believe this guy tlked to so and so etc. all hog wash
sit tight like all of us and enjoy the channels we do get and I might add there is still a hundred or more between Bev and Charlie
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