Has Viewsat dug itself into too deep a hole?


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I imagine most of you have already read something about the rumor that Viewsat in its penchant to overtake Pansat and be #1 released a bin 1 week before they agreed to and made a lot of enemies in the FTA buisness and thats not counting the coders who have helped the FTA makers in the past. So now FTA makers, thanks to viewsat, cant count on outside help from these coders and seem to be stuck or at the very least behind on cracking the ECM and making the new bin.

We have seen as Viewsat has promised again and again to have a working bin out by so and so date only to say that it will come "sometime next week" when the day finally arrives. So now the new deadline is wednesday, tomorrow. From the looks of it, and I might be wrong, mr viewsat has already hinted that they wont be able to make the deadline and once again falls back on the "sometime this week" routine.

I believe that viewsat has made a dangerous gamble by making such promises. I think that when viewsat stiffed the coders last time out and came out with the bin first they saw their sales skyrocket and their market share increase exponentially. They were within striking distance of Pansat and gambled. Now this gamble seems to be backfiring. As each deadline comes and goes their credibility goes down. As I said before, they made a (stupid) announcement that the new bin was going to be out tomorrow. It is my guess that if tomorrow comes and goes and they dont cough up a bin their credibility will be shot to hell. It will go much, much worse for viewsat if Pansat and the others come out with a new bin before they do. Now, I have read rumors in other forums that the coders did indeed help Pansat and other FTA makers, but they are waiting for Viewsat to make as$es of themselves and lose all credibility before they release the bin all at once, leaving viewsat behind to pick up the pieces. This is of course only a rumor, but if true, it will destroy viewsat's intentions of claiming more market share and dethroning Pansat. It would be a sahme becouse they do make good FTA's.
On the other hand, if viewsat does bring out a bin by tomorrow, then everyone will forget the missed deadlines, and viewsat will scream to the four winds how great they are and that once again, they are out first with a fix while everyone else had to wait FOR THEM. They will make a killing.

As you can see this is buisness at its most cutthroat. Viewsat, and especially their mouthpiece TheDssGuy seem to have made many, many enemies, so they are basically on their own here. As for me I dont own any viewsats only Pansats, but if they do come out with a bin I will be glad because it can only mean good news for the rest of us. Lets just sit back and wait to see where this all ends.

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Hey if VS comes out with a bin in 3 weeks,and they are still the first,there wont be any hell to pay at all.They will just say,hey,we knew we where close all the way as we stated each week.We believed all the statements we gave where accurate,it was just that each step of the way when we thought we had it,there was another problem that would come up.

If VS is the first,all will be fine for VS,no matter how long it takes.

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i think that it is a bunch of lies for viewsat to sell and buy some time at the same time..

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TDG and Viewsat are accomplishing their mission...they have CONTINUED to sell thousands of receivers ever since this ECM started...other receivers such as Pansat cannot say the same thing!....so TDG's false promises are paying off in spades!

TDG and Viewsat will NOT have a fix Wednesday or this week!...none of them are even close yet!...there will be a fix , but NOT soon!...in the meantime TDG is sellers Viewsats like crazy still!

I suggest you all sub share, this could be a VERY long wait!

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I agree, storyteller. And once people get their new bin, all grudges against FTA makers will be forgotten... until the next ECM.

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Already a new excuse

[From Viewsat] We are almost done, but it is taker longer then we thought, just be patient.. It is alot harder then you think, we do have a solution... rewriting it tricky. we understand what they have done. so we are almost there, it maybe wendesday but I don't like to give dates, pushes to hurry, so be patient we are doing our best to get file out.. we want to finish as soon as possible.

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I think VS is back to the drawing board !!!..
They NEVER had the FIX !!! Maybe the MAP , but
we so many lies , who knows ???... Good luck !

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If they don't like giving dates, then why did they give a date of Wednesday?

They may know how to code, but they've got a lot to learn about PR.

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Actually their (Viewsat) PR has sold more FTA receivers than anybody else in the past month!...actually their PR is simple and brilliant...nothing to lose with promises, and thousands of bucks to be made...if and when the fix comes out, everyone will forget about the promises, unless viewsat is first out!...and if the fix never comes out, Viewsat unloaded their inventory!...its a NO LOSE situation for Viewsat, and they can get away with it because of their credibility with the last ECM...TDG is the best PR man EVER in the history of FTA...he was born to sell!...just don't beleive everything he says!

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I am glad they give us updates, but I wish they would stop giving us dates of completion. They will get it done, when they get it done.

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There have been countless rumors and endless statements put out saying this or that, when a fix comes out I'm sure you will post it, until then the rest is meaningless. I have heard many names of people working on this fix and we would need a who's who directory!! I for one have no idea if these people are reputable or not! I know for sure there are people on other sites who will pose as coders to pass on false information (who know maybe its Charley). To bad they don't have moderators here--- they should sift though these statements or posts, and post them as reputable statements.

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The only news I really belived was an in depth analysis of the problem; it actually showed the assembler code in the last ecm, the call to map 57, the description of why this was such a problem. What I'm waiting for is for someone to make an updated version of what is going on. What is the current roadblock?

All I know is that they "supposely" have the full map, 37 pages long (what ever that means, using fontsize 12 with courier??). But that's it! If all that is left to do is to translate that to op codes and implement, then it should be very straight forward (unless they use only one coder who hasn't slept since the last ECM).

So instead of giving fantasy dates, give us some meat.

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