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Fazal, give us some good news.

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Does anybody know if Sony is still working on Nimiq2? Also, whats the best trick in positioning Nimiq1 & Nimiq2? I tried my best and I could only align either Nimiq1 or Nimiq2, noth both at the same time. I have pro quad LNB.

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Fazal !

What are the expectations?

I did my best to keep things calm.

I feel sorry, accept my apologies on behalf of others.

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Sony and CBN are still up on Nimiq 2.

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pls tell me how i get rom 102from where and how much price pls help me im in toronto

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Globecast on Intelsat 5 at 97 W.
I have never looked at these channels. I have inquired with somebody who confirms that he is not getting Globecast, but could not tell me the TP he was using.
The following is a list of Globecast TPs. You will notice that some are supposed to be "Clear" i.e. not encrypted, but are showing with DVB encryption. Other TPs are showing as encrypted. I am posting the list below, and I am sure others would comment on this issue.

11789 V tp 3 GlobeCast World TV DVB 25000-3/4 Encrypted

11867 V tp 7 GlobeCast World TV DVB 22000-3/4 Clear

11874 H tp 8 GlobeCast World TV DVB 22000-3/4 1-256 Encrypted

11898 V tp 9 GlobeCast World TV DVB 22000-3/4 1-11 Encrypted

11929 V tp 11 GlobeCast World TV DVB 22000-3/4 Clear

11991 V tp 15 GlobeCast World TV DVB 22000-3/4 Encrypted

12053 V tp 19 GlobeCast World TV DVB 22000-3/4 Encrypted

12122 H tp 24 GlobeCast World TV DVB 22000-3/4 Encrypted

12146 V tp 25 GlobeCast World TV DVB 22000-3/4 Clear

12152 H tp 26 GlobeCast World TV DVB 20000-3/4 1-5 Clear

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Fazal can u plz update all of us, its been so long, since no tv, excepts CNNAV and HNNAV, lol, so if u could say few words bout the fix tht wud be appreciated

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Nalin Nyda,
What size of dish n type of LNB is required to point on this bird?

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There is NO NEW BIN yet.
There was major change in the software inside your receiver on or about the 9th June, 2006. This is known as the BIN. If your receiver has a BIN from around that time, you have the best that is currently available.
On or about 21st June, 2006, there were further problems, and this latest BIN is not working for International channels and for PPV and Adult channels. You should NOT TRUST any BIN that is dated after 21st June, 2006, unless you are sure you have the expertise to recover from a catastrophe after uploading it. Recovery form such a catastrophe is well documented in this other threads and in other forums.

For international channels, there is a PARTIAL solution if you point to Intelsat 5 (97 W). The channels you get there are what the normal free Government channels are in those countries. The channels are true FTA and you not likely to suffer from security changes implemented by DN and/or BEV. Most people are using 36' dishes for these.
You may also be able to point to AMC 16 (118.8 W, same as Echo 7) with your 18-20' dish and get these channels. Adjust the tilt. You might need a special LNB, otherwise the signal will be weak.

A new BIN is imminent according to some reliable reports. Before you use it, make sure that it is from a reliable source and has been tested.

If you read this and other threads there is PLENTY OF INFORMATION on how to select and upload a new BIN for free. If your BIN is older than the 9th June version, you may do this now to get some channels. The usual fee charged by small FTA shops and hobbyists to do this job is $20-$30, and will probably be the same when a new BIN is released.

There is another hardware solution using the old type Card receivers. If you have a new ROM 102 in it, it gives about 100% of the channels now. The usual charge for such a ROM102 card is $60-$100. The card receiver is extra.

Neither of the two solutions is permanent. A need to upload a new BIN or to buy a new ROM card can arise AT ANY TIME. When changes are implemented by DN or BEV, the fix may take any length of time. The last fix took 9days (1-9 June). This fix has taken 24 days so far and is still not available.

There are NO NEW KEYS
For the people who are looking for keys, the following keys are the current keys and have not changed in the recent past.

DN keys since May 24, 2006
E8 70 B0 0A 8E 0A 3D C5
F3 59 C3 5F 1A DA 19 5C

71 9C 60 71 04 C1 39 AE
88 FF F0 5E D2 4C F3 FC Active

Bev Keys since June 7 2006
D1 15 0C 8E 66 82 D9 80
90 A9 20 20 37 07 87 08 Active

0C B7 0A F9 50 75 F3 5B
31 EC 79 97 5C D7 CE 1A

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may be i think the new bin will out next week if not then remember last its going to same we gona need to wait for 2or3 mounths

i m gona buy a reciver with yellow card man i cant wait buy a yellow card only the way man

good luck !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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hey nalin, are the channels on 118, the international ones, are they free. and it does not show my receiver. i dont get the 118 how do i add it to get internatinal channels.
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