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This is a c/p from another site, and best explains what's entailed:

Blocker stops DN from changing data on the card, FTAs can't be changed this way, have to plug them into a computer, so no blocker needed, a blocker does not get you any channels.

This latest change has nothing to do with speed or memory size

This is the simplest way I can explain why there is no fix yet:
In a DN card there are 2 MAPs(math processors), that I know of there probably are more, these MAPs change numbers, or modify number strings.
They use unreversable math, so even though you know the number going in and the number coming out you can not detemine what math was used to make that change, so you can't duplicate it just by knowing the answer.
The MAPs are readable, but it takes awhile to get each step.
The MAPs themselves can be modified by outside settings, this makes these MAPs multi-level if you will.
So its not just a matter of getting one read of a MAP and your done.

Now to have an FTA fix you need both MAPs and all possible combinations of those, this will take awhile.

For cards you need none of this, the MAPs are built-in, so you don't need to know squat about whats going on inside the card, this is why card sharing works.

DN has never tried to stop FTAs from getting their channels until now, it does not surprise me that a fix will take some time.
Until now all they did was fake packets and changed the auto-roll signature, so basicly they did nothing.
The rev108 update shut down the FTAs for a few days using a few MAPs calls, the rev109 update still has them shutdown using many MAP calls, for how long who knows but they will be back up, at least until rev10A.
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