What To DO ??? answers


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Ok Start by:
1. Putdown the remote
2. Get up from the lazyboy
3. Look in the mirror,(WOW put on a few pounds huh?)
4. Look around the room see that woman or man thats your wife or husband.
5. Go over an reintroduce yourself
6. Look around again and you might see a bunch of rugrats running around, (hmm must have done something besides watch p*o*r*n before FTA like have a relationship with your spouse.
7. See that funny looking panel attached to the wall thats a door, go through it with your family.
8. OMG! what is that in the sky, (think, think,remember) oh yeah the sun.
9. I know your scared right now so take your spouses hand and the rugrats and WALK! YOU DO REMEMBER HOW DON'T YOU???
10. Enjoy reality FTA will be back and you can go back into your trance in front of your widescreen plazma but for now enjoy!


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It's raining right now. I'll stay indoors... Cheers!!!

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LOL it's sunny somewhere, aka it 5-o-clock somewhere!!

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TO reiteriate to those still wondering what to do
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