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In the past I have found this Gentleman, fairly correct just have to wait and see, I guess no news is bad news.

Hey folks.... some of you might have already heard some rumors about some underground fixes being out right now... Well.. news form my buddy say this is indeed true.... However, thanks to TDG and Viewsat they won't be releasing it to the public yet. Word is that on the last round of hits the FTA community was assisted largely by the underground card coders to get back up. But there were conditions placed on the assisstance. All receivers were to get the fix at the same time on a set date that the coders chose. TDG and View*at jumped the gun trying to look like heros and released their fix a week early and pissed off the coders, while Coo*sat, Pansat, etc... waited as they were supposed to. The coder have once again assisted in fixing this round of hits but will not release the files until they see fit in order to punish Viewsat, as they know their receiver prices are dropping like lead bricks...
The coders however realise they are punishing more than just View*at and TDG so they have agreed to release the files by the end of this coming weekend.
I got this info form my buddy last night in a round about sort of way ehehe... prying him with liquor hehehe.... And just got off the phone with him and basically had it confirmed.... He's also giving me a ride to the hospital today TO HAVE MY CAST REMOVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hehehe hopefull all will go well and I won';t need a fourth cast put on..... so anyway.. during the ride I'm gonna see if I can pry somme more info....
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