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07/06/06--> [From TDG] Hate to burst the bubble here, but it won't be here by the weekend. We're going for the whole sysrom, and that won't happen till midle of next week, but thats the golden goose and we will have the solution for N2 (until next card swap). This may not be the answer you want to hear, but this is from the TOP. With 70,000 units waiting to be paid for, there's alot at stake people. relax, enjoy what we have and be patient.


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That was a C&P

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Well better late than never.

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7/05/06--> There is No FTA fix at this time, other than what is posted under this statement. This thread will be updated as fixes are posted.

7/02/06--> Down: CaptiveWorks CW600 Premium (with card sharing only) [The CaptiveWorks CW600 P card sharing fix was meant as a BETA test only not meant for wide release to the public. The servers obviously could not handle the demand. It did work and offers a part-time solution for possible future uses.]
7/01/06--> Working Temp Fix: Triple Dragon (with card sharing only)
6/30/06--> Working Temp Fix: Dreambox (with card sharing only) (Check out our sponsors for this)

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Do NOT use Official Pansat files released by Blacklist on any Clones! They once again contain clone kill codes. Please wait for clone fixes to be released.

Status of Coders:

7/03/06--> [From TDG] Last time there was a hash, it involved alot of math, as does this hash. It was thought (according to engineers) that the amount of processing power would play into a receivers ability to decrypt the routines. However, it was possible last time to just insert a hard coded "solution" to get the control words and avoid having the processor do all the work. That may never be possible again. Nothing is working for FTA right now, but VS as well as the other STB makers haven't given up. The fact that Dreambox hasn't even come out with a new "fix" says ALOT about the difficulty of the current situation. There are calls to an area of the card that is firewall protected and doesn't show in a dump. Until these MAP's of the hidden area are known, we wait. There's talk of READING the asic from a card with a laserscope. This is very intricate, involved and can be expensive. I've been told, that if there's no breakthrough by the 5th., That Mr.V. will be putting a couple of people (1 from Canada & 1 from Korea) in a room with laserscope and everything they need to finally get a full dump. It's hard to explain or understand how instructions are printed on a chip, but there are layers of silicate that are etched. The protective coating of the asic (chip) can be peeled with acid first to expose these layers. Then a laser scope can intricately burn (read) the image of each layer to find the instructions. There's only a small snippet of code that is required to turn off the firewall. Once that is known, they will be able to READ the hidden sections that aren't accessible now. There's too much money at stake NOT to go ahead and do this. It all takes time...Once the MAP calls are all known, then a fix can be written, indeed a FULL emu can be written. Only time will tell, but FTA is suffering in sales right now, and the motivation to beat this only increases daily. Digital + in Europe went black for 2 months by using a similar hash method. They are back up and running today Sit tight, have faith, and enjoy America's birthday celebration.

7/01/06--> [From CaptiveWorks] CaptiveWorks released a card sharing temp fix to get Dish only back up and running. We are working on a final fix as is all the others. We have not had time to just swing by and chat but we are working on it so bare with us.

6/30/06--> [From Blacklist] Please DO NOT Panic, we do our best to get the TV back. I hate to say when or how soon. but Just dont Panic, TV will be back on SOON. I have been working day and night, but only with my reliable sources. but never had conversation with Viewsat, nor Viewsat Engineers about sollution or sharing sollution. I am here in US I have no where to go yet for other 6 Month. Guys when the last shut down happened, all known lol coders were smart to tell no CPU lower then 150Mhz will not work anymore, and even 2300A I made it work and I proved it, no ones knows what his talking about. SO please stop talking s hit or start some stupid Rumors. The Funny part is, when someone comes to me without knowing me, saying that Blacklist is in Jail. lool Pansats will not get fixes fast anymore. lol So from my 3 years of experiance in this market proved me that I can only prove by giving or showing not talking. So please wait for my next respond. I am here will be here as longest this market exist.!

6/30/06--> [From TDG] There's been a myriad of new developments that I'm not supposed to talk about. Since everyone crucified me for the last projections, I was told not to say anything about timelines anymore. I can now say they were a bit on the optimistic side, and I learned NOT to give a time for a release. I do know alot about the industry tho, and there are alot of people scrambling to fix this. Some have paid for a fix they don't know how to implement, but may YET figure out how. That would be worst case scenario, because it would propel sales of their boxes falsely. No, it's not the 2 major players you're thinking of. Viewsat wants this, but doesn't want to side with anyone to get it. Their engineers have NOT relented in the quest for a solution. This is a bad hash but it's far from over for FTA. We WILL see a solution for this hash. The question is, who will release first and when? Wish I could give more specific details about what all has transpired and who all is in the running, but it's ALL good news, no matter who does it first.. You WILL see FTA respond to the latest ECM, and soon...

6/29/06--> [From Bluejay People] We are working on the current problem and will let you know as soon as anything is happening. It looks to be a fixable problem and will just take some Re-working to the way all FTA receivers function with no card. We are always working on new items and we are now making a new loader as well. We are working on the channel editor and background picture changing program.

6/29/06--> [From TDG] I communicate w/people higher than Bl or Mr. V. and they're NOT optimistic anymore.. 50/50 at best was what I was told...
50/50 for a fix by the end of this weekend is what I meant. We may see a fix, but it's a hard hash to defeat and so far none have done it (other than using a card)


Working: -> Rom102 with Penga's latest 109 blocker

6/29/06 --> Although discussion of the Canadian provider is prohitted here, I will mention that they are starting to follow suit with the same stuff that Dishnet has recently done. Recent reports are saying that some channels have started to drop. DO NOT POST ABOUT THIS PROVIDER, & DO NOT PM MODS. (Do not even quote this on the forum)

6/28/06 --> Many more channels on 110/119 are down including the VOD's. Most channels worth watching are black at this time. There may still some locals markets available yet.

6/22/06 - 6/27/06 --> Most Internationals on 148/121/61.5 are now blacked out. Other missing channels on 110/119 include... 108, 151, 160, 170, 200, 209, 300, 301, 302, 304, 318, 492, 493, 494, 495, 496, 497, 498, PPV's [502 - 538], 600, and 835. More are sure to follow.

6/21/06 --> International channels have started to go blackscreen on with most testing methods. More channels will most certainly soon follow. This is the new hash that we have been expecting. Rom102 with Penga's latest 109 blocker are unaffected.

6/18/06 --> As of 2:00pm Reports currently indicate no cmd07 hash in stream and have haulted the rev109 updates. Rom 10/11/101, as well as older Atmega, Emu., and older FTA flashes have been reported working at that time. It is said that they are gearing up for another ECM. Exactly what it will be is not known as we never know until it happens.

6/15/06 --> Reports are out that rev 109 has been placed on subs.

6/04/06 - 6/12/06 --> New Cmd07 fixes have been posted for most units.

6/02/06 --> Dishnet has now followed through with the same type of Cmd07 hash that the Canadian sat provider has used. ALL PPV channels (502 - 539) have been blacked out. As well as most other channels other than maybe 30 or 40. I'm sure all will go anytime soon. This effects all cemu versions, rom10, rom101, atmega, fta and dvb users...

Last Key Update: 5/24/06
Current Keys:

DirecTV (DTV) Status:

Current Card: P4/D1/ThinkTV

--> There is NO hack/crack or "work-around" for DTV at this time.

--> Multiroom sub packages have been made available on some sites. This is not new and has been done many times. The downfall is that you will lose the PPV's. You will get whatever the host has subscribed to for a package. Rates vary from site to site that offers this service. Some sites have closed up thus leaving the end user without service after the package runs out. Other sites have been taken down by DTV. USE AT OWN RISK!
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