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BD A6 7E DB 20 32 05 B5
Do you know what these are? These are the keys to unlock Dishnetwork's
NagraVision conditional access system. And now there is a new product called
Blackbird that can not only unlock Dish but keep it unlocked. I expect that
this product will spread like wildfire and that soon Dish will have to make a
few decisions- such as "are we going to replace every reciever box out there
with something else?" That will cost LOTS of money. Anyhow I am certanly glad I
do not hold Echostar stock! I do not know why Dish (or Direc for that matter)
has allowed this problem to get so out of hand- like it is a game or something.
ECM vs Counter ECM. For every dealer they put out of business, 20 more appear.
There is an access system that has never been hacked- called Digicipher. In use
by Star Choice. Even the hackers admit this system if pretty hack proof. So why
did Dish and DirecTV choose NOT to use this system? Looks like they might be

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Star choice has nothing to worry about. So bad it should be free and look tv there's a jewel of a stock. XM satellite radio in canada should declare bankruptcy well before their quote 5 year plan ever takes hold. That stock is about 10 times what it should be right now and about 25 times what it should be next year.

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The hex numbers you have it's just the keys, I doubt it they have a fix for our current situation. For DN to adobt a new system and make it work requires allot of investment, cheaper if you change the rules. Even if it does, there will be some that can access it different way than DN wanted. Nobody will go bankruptcy if they do their work right and walk with the time as it should.

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that's exactly what i tryed to explain! a crack can be done !! as long KU chang fu is on 13 hours stand by.

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just crap!!

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Digicipher is hacked

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Thats a very old post about 3 years or more, when the Blackbird FTA receiver first was intoduced and programmed to hack Dishnet.BB was originally the first here to crack DN before all others.

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I don't trust J Montana...he says one thing and then changes his maind...

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pedro cordoba,,, un saludo desde el canada ,soy nuevo en este forum.... y por tu nombre me parece que hablas espanol,,, gracias y disculpa si ,interrumpi...
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