Begining of the end?


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If I am right, all FTA need to be trashed. Is it what we are talking?

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Too soon still, but if so, then that's the way it breaks... Too much $ in this industry for it to just go bye bye, but we'll just have to wait and see.

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even if it is over .... FTA still exists, its time to start some true FTA hobbie guys/gals. You will be amaized with how many interesting channels are out there. I'm at the 33" dish level and already planning on moving to C-band. Not having DN is not bothering me at this point.
Just browse through Lyng* (remove *) - there are TONS of other satellites out there... but yeah... dont expect to see HBOs and Encore channels on FTA... theres no money in FTA for premium channels.

Its all about the money and I have to also agree with J Dawg... Money talks... and whomever has more money... wins in most cases.


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Yup just gotta wait. Everything said has been said before. Even if there is a fix now, the cycle will continue and people will say the next ecm will be the end of FTA testing.

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Speaking of pure FTA, has anyone picked up the Real Madrid TV Channel on 121? Do they broadcast live matches?
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