PPV and International Channels working?


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I heard somewhere i think the radio, that these channels are working? Is this right if it is then can you please put a link for a file or insructions how to make them work??

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I have a pansat 2500a receiver and i also have a super dish for international.please any some can help me how to get the signal.i get crazy about this no signal for me.thank

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Check enter manually the keys. Check with these keys: 00
E8 70 B0 0A 8E 0A 3D C5
F3 59 C3 5F 1A DA 19 5C
71 9C 60 71 04 C1 39 AE
88 FF F0 5E D2 4C F3 FC active key working
if your receiver only have two rows enter theactive keys. Lucky

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c&p from an other forum

Sky Angel Rebounds from Satellite Anomaly

June 1/2006
Dominion, which operates the Sky Angel Christian-focused DBS service, acknowledged that the satellite it's using recently experienced an anomaly that knocked some of its channels off the air.

Spokesperson Nancy Christopher said that in mid April Sky Angel lost some of its programming due to a technical failure aboard the EchoStar III satellite the company uses for delivery of its content. Sky Angel utilizes the satellite at 61.5 degrees through an agreement it has with EchoStar.

Sky Angel was successful in working with EchoStar to get most of the channels back on the air quickly, Christopher said. However, three channels were not reinstated, "and this technical failure evolved into contractual issues with EchoStar that we were not able to work out," the spokesperson said.

The impacted channels are ABN, Spirit and Golden Eagle Broadcasting.

Christopher said Sky Angel is exploring an option that may enable the service to add one or two channels sometime in the future.

Also, Sky Angel announced Wednesday it's trading the SuperChannel TBN feed with the national Trinity Broadcasting Network this week. TBN carries many of the same programs that aired on Golden Eagle and others that were not previously on Sky Angel, Christopher said.? Also, certain programs on 3ABN are carried via a couple of existing Sky Angel channels. Additionally, Sky Angel is looking for ways to add more Christian music in cooperation with Spirit Television, Christopher said.

EchoStar has acknowledged problems with the satellite. In April, an anomaly aboard EchoStar III limited the satellite to 20 usable transponders out of a maximum of 32, the company said in a recent Securities and Exchange Commission filing. Due to what the company called redundancy switching limitations and channel authorizations, the satellite can only operate 16 of the 19 authorized frequencies utilized at the 61.5 degree-orbital location.

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Hi Tuan,

[My system : pansat 2500A with 274 Bin(?) autoroll].

I got same your problem . But after asking by
few private emails and spent 1 week reading in this group... I solved my problem . My Pansat can get signal .

Assume your dish is pointing corrects of direction
satellite. So you need input you new key .
Here is a beef for you to cook .

Key for Dish Network:


E8 70 B0 0A 8E 0A 3D C5
F3 59 C3 5F 1A DA 19 5C


71 9C 60 71 04 C1 39 AE
88 FF F0 5E D2 4C F3 FC

(credit to Mr. Maple Leaf and Mr. Eva Diaz )


How to input (New) key:

*** Before input your key, you should turn off
Autoroll (Credit to LK, Eva, Tyler (sp?) .
Your system doesn't work if Autoroll is still on .
And, How to turn off Autoroll, play with your remote :-)).

If your system
does'nt have a autoroll option . You have
to read few threads (new key ...) begin may/24/06 till now
and you will know how to input a new key with a system without autoroll option (credit to
netters who are helping in thid group).

If your system(receiver) Parent control turned in
gray (not function), So your system is empty . You must get into setup/installation to do input satellite and Scan and Exit . Then go to step "1#" (below) .

Press menu button on your remote:

#1 Go to parental control...

#2 Go down to "second pin" option & enter 0000

#3 Then go to nagravision and select it by pressing ok button on your remote...

#4 In Nagravision window you should be in the box that is Entitled "Provider ID"...scroll to the right (press right arrow button on remote) until it switches to Dishnetwork (00 01)

#5 Now In Nagravision window go down (press down arrow on remote) to the box that contains "00" entitled "Key Number"

#6 While in the box (highlighted "Key Number") that contains "00", scroll to the right until you see nagravision 2 at the top left of your screen

#7 While in Nagravision2 you should still be in "Key Number" box and the number in that same box should be "00"...this is for Key 00

#8 Scroll down (press down arrow on remote) to key data and enter the new supplied key for 00 (within this site is the key change for Nagravision2)..take note on how to enter letters in the lower portion of the screen (ex. letter E=FAV button on remote)

#9 Once key is edited select OK button on your remote (OK-STORE confirmation blinks twice in lower right of screen)

#10 go back to the "00" box and move one click to the right which should take you to "01"..this is to edit the "01" key

#11 Follow Steps 8 & 9 above (this time enter key data for key 01 instead of 00)

#12 Click exit and click ok or yes to save changes then exit all the way out and you should be watching tv

Also, credit to Mr. thill1951 .


#3 Then go to nagravision and select it by pressing ok button on your remote...

I think: select "nagravision 2"

Hope it help .


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Hi bui le,
This is just a follow up question from your last post.
For key changes, I entered them in the past with autoroll on...just wondering is there was any risk to the receiver by doing that?
And EMU is autoroll right...so just turn that off, enter new key and back on again?
Thanks for you helppp!

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for my pansat 2500A, first time I did input
key with auto roll on . I got nothing .

Then after reading, I turned off auto roll
then input new key and I got a signal . So,

- I can say: nothing risk to receiver . Because
Receiver just a firmware , Like a PC, so you
can change window ver. )

- do not turn back on after input new key .

Hope this answer your question .


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Nick if your receiver cant receive signal after emy key off try emy key on again.

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bui le very good explanation thanyou for all this
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