DVB card fix


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I know Viewstar FTA fix is out. Any idea how this will translate to a DVB card fix for My Theatre ?

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Check this morning, not yet!

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Is there a DVB card fix yet ?

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would someone like to explain what dvb is or somewhere i could read about it.

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I just copy and paste, don't blame me

C/P form Vplug authors site:

Comes directly from the two coders them self. So It seems we will be in the dark once all channels switches over. Need someone from NA to pick up where EU coders left off.

Just incase anyone was wonder what the status of the fix. Doesn't look good for DVB. Seems we will be left in the Dark.

Vplug is now up to version 0.8.8

vahid (Author of vplug) is currently working on key updates via/internet for automating the updating of keys in real time for european systems.
He is aware of but NOT working on the charlie/bev ECM problem.
I doubt he will be interested in placing a rom image of the 102 card in his plugin and recoding his utility for N/A users, as he's busy keeping all of europe in free tv right now.
Unless the european providers do the exact same thing, I don't expect him to update vplug to help us on this one.

This same statment holds true for S2emu 1.25 MarS1 (Author for s2emu)

I am telling this to you from the board that the authors moderate.

You must realize that the fact remains that Nagra2 was hacked by europeans, for european tv and was simply imprted to charlie/bev. No additional work needed AT FIRST.

Now that the bar has been raised beyond E0 (Finding the keys) and actually using the ROM as a checksum, the origional authors of nagra2 code for the DVB have no way to test the new ECM's from europe, and have enough new ecm's with the sat's over there to keep them busy.

The ONLY reason to import the effort needed is $$$. I hate to say it but DVB is a $0. investment.

It is absolutly posible to take the code from the 102 rom and make a new plugin like vplug or s2emu.

Unfortunatly for us, neither author is on this side of the globe. So, until a North American programmer steps up to the plate, or the two previous heros decide to go WAY out of there domain, without even seeing a live stream, we will be in the dark with DVB cards.

The reason that FTA's are getting updated is a matter of the free enterpise at its best! $$$$ They PAID to get it done. Let's see how long it takes the other FTA boxes to pay or steal the code from the origional true hackers.

With DVB cards, there is no $$$ so I don't see it happening too soon.

DVB is a PCI stellite card /usb for computer, and use the computer as satelite box to watch TV.
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