Before you ask again for new keys - read this!


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Username: Mestre1966

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Registered: Mar-06
ok people Listen once and for all thers NO key change.

DN as made same changes but NOT on the keys.

U can still use the last keys.

In may case i have bin 148c (pansat 2700A)
turn Off all the autorolls and use the folowing keys on NG2

N 0101 00:
E8 70 B0 0A 8E OA 3D C5
F3 59 C3 5F 1A DA 19 5C

N 0101 01:
71 9C 60 71 04 C1 39 AE
88 FF F0 5E D2 4C F3 FC

I recomend to make a blind scan, turn off the autorolls and then put the keys

Some times the screen will come up with a "updating channels" if that happends just go back, see if the keys are the same and if the autorolls are off

if you get an "waiting for picture" go back and check all again.

My pansat @ 121 its working fine for the last 4 hours now, but without PPV or all those nasty channels (lol) that you guys want. Im my case i just was worried about my Science Channel, History, Discovery, and some Starz and HBO and im still geting those.

Have fun!!!

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Username: Elperrodemacao

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I have problem with pansat 2700a, no vew PPv channel

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Username: Zain_biomed

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Ihave dishnetwork 2700 receiver with 128 atmega card can you help me for this

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Username: Theprodeal

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these keys not wrking for for my panst 2700, how do i make sure what my Bin is & how do i update?? & how do i make sure autoroll is turned off??

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Username: Mestre1966

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on your menu go to system info and you see what bin you have intalled
see if you have the 148c if not
search for it download and update
then, set for 121 and do a blind scan

them go to menu, parents control, second pin (0000) and on the end you will see the autoroll, press there and turn off all except the first (key)
then go back and press on Nagra 2 and add the keys i said before press ok to save on both (it will blink the save)
and enjoy your TV again

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Username: Amar

Surrey, Bc Canada

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hi hello i have coolsat5000 dish 148 not working
any one have new keys please.

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Username: Honduranking

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Registered: Jun-06
i have a fortec star lifetime classic na how do i get the keys and how do i turn of autoroll help please thanks
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