Help with the ppv


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I can see the ppv.What can I do

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point the dish up ur A*SS see if you get a channel?

actually jk, please dont do that, Major Upgrade at Dish Network, It's Not Key issue, its software expect Major FTA Device Upgrade... It's Been Down Since Yest. Now It's being Calculated on with Dish net is using, Maybe a Crack... Can It Be Cracked? YES! Software is like matter, matter can be niether created nor destroyed,, as with encryption, there is no such thing.

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As of yesterday afternoon, Dish has begun to implement stream changes that are or will be affecting all testing methods. This appears to be the same changes that BELL made a few weeks ago and is causing black screen on Venus and PPV. International and ethnic channels on the 61.5, 121, and 148 birds have been the first to go on Dish Network. Expect others to follow.

BELL, and now Dish have started using a 768 bit RSA encrypted signature for the CMD 07. In short, this means the death of Atmegas, Rom10, Rom11, AVR-X, Syndrome, and older FTA receivers. Decryption time with these devices, even with streamlined code, will not be sufficient to keep up. FTA receivers with very fast processors and receivers that have card slots that can be enabled to use in tandem with a Dish / BELL cam may work once again in the future. The ROM 102/103 cards should be back up shortly with some changes in the public blocker code.

The FTA coders have now had 3 weeks to work on a fix for BELL. Many of them would have you think that a fix is imminent. It's even been said that coders are 90% done. I'm not so sure that is the case, but now is their chance to be the hero. Looks like we may be getting back to true testing. Might be a good time for members to read the Dish Network Discussion section, browse through the Plastic Files Sections, and pick up some 102's before the prices skyrocket...

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Guys, do not listen to "LK". He seems to be working for Dish network, and is trying to get people to subscribe. just hang in there and new fix is coming up soon.
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