Message From Blacklist About BEV And Pansat HD Reciever


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Please DO NOT panic about BEV game.!
Let them finish first then we can find the sollution.............
Anytime soon they will shutdown the all sat channels. Then that means we have to go and find the new sollution..........
Lots of people panic about BEV not possible to hack again.!
Its not that not possible, its just they are still testing the algorithm, so please stand by and be happy what you have as of today on Bev, as soonest they past the test than change fully algorithm to a new, then give us sometime then we will try to open for all. It is possible to be hacked again. SO please wait when BEV changing fully algorithm for all channels......
I dont like to waste my time in wrong algorithm because they dont even know it will work or not, thats why I never post within 2 weeks regards to those changings. For DN auto fix delay on Pansat had reason. Pansat had sollution in the same night it was simple change, but I was expecting something else from DN after they swap the flagbyte. When it took more then a day and they didnt touch anything, then I released it. My main point its not something I couldnt do it, even I had sollution ready before almost all manufactors....but my release was later.....
As of today to let you know all I am in bussness trip in Germany, But I have up to date Information in my hands regards to USA. I will be back in June 9th, by that time everything should be changed and BEV will have fully new algorithm. But even I am outy I will work on it as soonest they change fully.
Finaly we are almost finish Pansat HD receiver and I have one with me. I will post the receiver picture with in a day. Just busy with lots of meetings, so The picture will be out to Here at first.
With in 2 days I will find out exact date of selling Pansat HD receivers in USA........

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Please be patient with the grammer...he likes to write his own post...


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Please I want Help...

I have been watching the Arabic Channels on Dish Network

(DN) for years on Satellite E9 at 121.

Today May 31, 2006 at 2:30 Estern Time, all Arabic

Channels lost Signal..except one its name is "Abu Dabhi".

It is unusual, becuase key change did not affect the

signal before.

All what I am geting now is "No Signal"...before when the

key changes the message was :Scrambled or Bad Channel".

Please Help, I am using Fortec Sat Ultra.

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You should not hijack threads...I have seen your post in other threads and people have already given you answers to your question..


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he's an towel head , what do U expect!

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I was planning to get a pansat for BEV. Should I wait till BEV go in to full new algorithm before buying the receiver? Any suggestion? Thanks.

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maybe the Arabic Channels got bombed

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As per the post about Blacklist away right now...he will have the fix when he returns on June 9th...don't expect the fix that day...give him a few you can read on his post he says it should be an easy fix...

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