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on my fake pansat 2500, I have the keys entered for the DISH NetWork and it seems that I'm able to see all the international channels [like chineese, arabic, etc..] but I can't seem to get the channels like ESPN, MTV, and such. You know the "popular" channels from north america. What am I doing wrong? I do blind scan on the sattelite that I pick and I never get them. Any pointers? Am I missing something?


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Are u pointing to 110 and 119 satellites? It sounds like you have one lnb trained to 121 satellite, which has a lot of international programming.

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Please I want Help...

I have been watching the Arabic Channels on Dish Network

(DN) for years on Satellite E9 at 121.

Today May 31, 2006 at 2:30 Estern Time, all Arabic

Channels lost Signal..except one its name is "Abu Dabhi".

It is unusual, becuase key change did not affect the

signal before.

All what I am geting now is "No Signal"...before when the

key changes the message was :Scrambled or Bad Channel".

Please Help, I am using Fortec Sat Ultra.

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You can check channel movement here...

And verify transponders against that site buy using this one...

Your dish might be out of alignment too, so check that.

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or he might just be an ignorant towel head posting the same crap in 20 threads looking for attention like a 10 yr old , who should be ignored!...if he really wanted an answer, he could read for 5 minutes or ask his buddy Haji!

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Mr. Lk
you do not have to be rude to show off...
first, I will not reply to your rudness, and clear ignorance of arabs, and arabic culture...it is clear that all the information you know about the outworld is from the crab on the TV...and this, in itself, is clear sign of ignorance...
and in the mean time I can not be as rude as you are...

Anyway, try to make an effort and read those two links posted by Mr. Durden. in one of them there is only channel moved to 118.75 while on the other website all channels are the same @121.

Finally, if you have something useful to add it would be good if not you better not to reply...

and by the way, I posted only 4 times in 4 different threads becuase not everyone reads all the threads, so posting in different threads increase the chance of getting a replly from somebidy who knows.

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So I guess my time in Turkey, Kuwait, Saudi, Iran ,Iraq, Quatar, Jordan , Lebanon was non educational...

BTW... the hundred channels have channels to the 119k AKA 118.75 as I have posted here in my thread about international channels is a lie!

Posting 4 places the same 4 posts is cause for being BANNED at all other DSS sites...U're logic makes no sense, like U!

U are the rude and ignorant one, but U are too ignorant to see it!

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Arabic user, check restore factory settings in your receiver, set your date etc, add satellite and scan, and please do not post the same question in differents Thread. Lucky

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how u get missing channels back

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Can you please stop post around and Hijack all the post, for the channel missing, is not the key problem, dishnet moving around the TP, Eva told you couple time already, reset to default and blind scan, Or if the channel is move to another satellite, I hope you have dish/dishes set up for other bird, if not good luck and wait.
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