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Hi guys,
I am REALLY new to this & have gotten a clone Eagle Star DV3 receiver (Pansat2500?). I wanna set up the channels in the Fav menu. I am wondering if theres a site or someone has a list of all the channel codes already CATEGORISED, like Sports, Kids, Family, Movies, Adult etc?
I've tried to look thru this forum, but cant find nething. This forum is quite confusing. Maybe they shud have some important topics as "Stickys".
Your help will be greatly appreciated.

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You need to edit it by yourself, either use the remote or download a program Channel master.

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press "sat" on your remote. tap down to where it says "ekostar package" and hit ok. press ok on any channel, and you've got a guide similar to charlie's. all channels are chategorized accorddingly. check dn website to watch the official channel guide.
Channel master, refered to above, will facilitate assigning channels to specific location, favorites, lock and what not. people usually post updated channel list on other websites; you can use one of this to use their template, it saves you the trouble of renaming all the channels--- There is many sites out there... there is even some very useful links within this threads to look for a channel master, u would just need to read a lil to know how it all works.. come tomorrow, u'll be the one helping the newbies with something that to you seems to easy... ofcourse u will understand them and not think that they are dumb and stupide, cuz we were all virgiins once...

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Hey thanx "dafee" for all ur help. Thats the way it shud be.
I've read some comments on this forum & am shocked to read some of them (some ppl who've been on this forum for long time) degrading or even insulting some nubes. Well, what can u expect from nubes?? These forums are all about helping others & at the same time, enrich your own knowledge.
Keep up the spirit!!!!

BTW do u happen to know some sites that have similar channel guides? Can u pl post a few links? Also, what is this "Charlie's Guide" that u mentioned?

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It's called the Echostar Package.
Usually lists it at the bottom of the list if you press SAT while watching a channel.
you can try dsstester*com for the channel guide.
Or google search "channel master pansat" for other places.


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Hi All..
I'm sure it sounds familiar to you but, I'm new to this and need your help.

Have 2500A and Level is at 90, but quality goes in and out. Don't know what to do or set the unit for.

Is there any place for newbies to learn the basics of programming or places to down .bin files ?

Please help.
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