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i have a problem I have the Ariza Multistar max 2500 receiver and i just paid 40.00 to have programming done and i get only a about 148 channels everything else is scrammbled the
sw version is 3.06b3
Hw version: 0130(o1-01-02-03-ff-ff-ff
now i want ot get more channels and i just bought a cord for programming i want to get more and when i scan the sattelites on the receiver it says i get 552 channels but only 148 work i don't have a clue to what im doing can anyone tell me what i need to do step by step to fix this files etc and apparently this has an auto roller already in it
the sats im at are 101 110 119 and signal is at 62% because of a church steeple all help is greatly appreciated thanks

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Username: Jediwarrior

St Catharines, Ont

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need help fast please and thanks

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You're going to have to move the church.
Your signal is too low to work properly. You'll most likely get 'scrambled or bad channel' messages on the ones that aren't working.
Some of the tps will work, which is why you're getting some channels but not all.
Is there no chance of repositioning the dish? Maybe hook up the Vicker with a box and he'd let you put the dish on the steeple??? LOL

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