Where is OLN?


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Supposedly OLN is back on Charlie. I can not find it on 110 or 119.
Any ideas???

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My dogs name is Charlie, but I checked him and OLN is not on him, nor is OLN anywhere near him or else I'd hear him barking....
tp 1
Channel 151
That's for DN.


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I'm not getting Bloomberg TV (BITV). Does anyone know which TP I should be scanning for?


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Posted on Friday, May 12, 2006 - 12:16 pm:

Changing TP's are happening again.

Noticed that some PPV channels were not showing up with programming in the EPG, ie 514, 515 on Echo 8.6, and sure enough, they were blank channels

Solutions (saved the best for last. - do what works for you!!):

First try turning the receiver off and on, using the switch at the back, not the remote. This re-sets the computer within the 3500. - quick remedy, just in case it's not a TP changing problem.

If that does not work, then:

Use an updated channel list (There you go Kokes!! LOL)

If none is available, which is what I exoect to be the case, then you have these options:

Nuke all channels and Blind scan the sat(s) again.

Blind Scan Polarity should be Vertical ONLY for DishPro LNB's

Note: On the missing or blank channel, press the OK button. At the bottom of the pop up screen you will see the sat and the frequency for that channel. Make a note of it.

Now, go into the TP Scan, TP selections.

You will note that the EXACT frequency for the missing channel is NOT listed. It's close, but no cigar. Therefor a normal TP scan will MISS the channels.

The TP scan will not find the changes because the frequency is not that of the listed TP frequency, It's just a bit off and that means the channels will be missed during a TP scan

Setting Default keys again, will also NOT bring in the TP changes.

Hint: every time I scan, I start with a different sat and save to SD after each sat scan. This way, I can choose the 119 and 61 combo as the starter CH load and just scan 110. Saves time in the long run. Just remember to delete any old saved combos that includes the newly updated sat.


First, on the channel that says no signal, hit the OK button and write down the frequency of the changed TP and which sat it is on

. ie: TP 12600, sat echo 8.6

Go to installation menu and choose Advanced Scan

In the top row, manually enter 12600 as the frequency

Go down below and highlight Video PID

Press OK, wait for scan to finish, some 16 channels will show up in the above example, exit to programming and all will be fine

Now this is the long read to the solution, LOL, but it's gonna take you a lot less time to read and do it than it took for me to try and discover all these solutions - so that I may guide you to which way is best - and hopefully, you've learned something along the way https://www.ecoustics.com/electronics/forum/home-video/224189.html

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Thanks Eva. I nuked the channels, re-scanned and i'm fine now.

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You welcome.

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how would I go about picking up carribean/international channels on my sat, I not so sure what I should do
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