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It is apparant that every time that there is the slightest change in the reception of programming people start running around in circles looking for answers not realizing that someone has already answered the question to his or her problem. People start posting all over the forums making it difficult for others with the same problem to find a solution.

Understand that every time you loose ur channels due to change in keys, a lot of people will be loosing the channels as well. Most of the time there is a solution and best bet is that it is posted somewhere. There is no need for multiple threads discussing or asking for keys. READ and TEST before you make a post... after all, we are fta receiver testers.. .we tend to act as if we are paying for premium service by demanding personal attention.

There is NO NEW keys...,

Only a change

9E 5B 7A 77 C0 FE 91 CA <---------------- Those keys are NO LONGER active
4D 2A DC 33 D4 CD E3 75 <--------NOTE NOT ACTIVE "USELESS"

C5 6C 66 89 3A 32 D0 C9 <--------- ACTIVE

24 2B F0 4F 03 68 06 92 <---------- ACTIVE

If you dont know what pair of keys to mess with, change both pairs to the active keys

This also means that if you only have 1 line ur good to go....

00 C5 6C 66 89 3A 32 D0 C9 <------WORKING KEYS
01 24 2B F0 4F 03 68 06 92 <-------WORKING KEYS

remember to "SET DEFAULT KEYS" anytime ur entering new keys

IF ur KEYS fall after a while, "autoroll", input the working KEYS and quickly change satellite names (there is tons information on how to do this, so make a search before posting a dumb question) This should be a problem in the past with the newer bins.

If u DONT WANT to mess with changing satellite names... GET A NEW BIN

you can find UPDATED BINS IN other sites not here.. good place is ----- http://forums.dsstester*****com/vbb/forumdisplay.php?f=74

Remove the *****

If ur receiver is a a search before downloading any bin---or u migh kill it.

hope this helps for future reference.. saves everyone's time. and real problems can be addressed....
note most of this information is not my own; I have done some reading from some very helpful people in this forums and thought it would be nice to type it to address todays issue...

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hey dafee do you know anything about nagra 3 that I read LK talking about. It sound like a bunch of BS but not sure. I have not heard anything about this from anyone. Do you know?

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tks fo the post...

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Love the 'we tend to act as if we are paying for premium service by demanding personal attention." line. Too true.
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