Pansat 2700 CLONES and bins..


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There is NOT 1 clone safe bin at al7bar.t*k or any site now...and clancysand even stated he will not make any for the Pansat 2700 or any more receivers....he has made them ALL, so far, for Pansat 2500's and the Ultra's..he did this ONLY because the Ultra was a genuine Fortec receiver and once made by the same company as Pansats!...he will never again make a clone safe bin,unless its for the Fortec, and he is not promising that either ..he has made this well known and posted in public..

Pansat 2700 clones have been using the 123 and 143 bins and manually entering the keys...those 2 bins are the ONLY 2 bins known NOT to cause damage to Pansat 2700 clones!

Quote: from chancysand when asked if he's modifying bins for clones

this is not true. I only mod then with tivo and RTN and TVE. If you notice there is still clone kills in those bins. I have done nothing to support the clones on those recievers. only the Utras have been supported here. There are reports of 2700 clones being killed right now. Never said they were safe for all. Also the other clones of the 2500A may not be supported in the future. there is clear and distinct differences between other clones such as pantecs than the real Fortecs that are not clones. The routines for each of these type recievers is different to keep them up and running. There may come a day that only the fortecs and the pansats are up and runnig because they are real deal and not clones. The fortec was hear before the pansat2500. actually they are one in the same at one time. more or less.


At least we know that there will never be a clone safe for our clone receiver as indicated above statement..

In the future ...... We all must buy real Pansat (or real Coo*lsat, Viewsat, Rex-1, Satcruiser 101 Plus+ ..... etc ) ..... It is less of the headache ...... The real thing only cost a little more compared to the clone .......

Remember : only buy product that is made by Korea (Real pansat, Real Fortec, Satcruiser 101 Plus+ , Coo*lsat, Viewsat, Rex-1 .... etc ).... Cost more, but good support !.

Most of the clone are made by China ( Megasat, pantec ........ etc ) __ Cheaper, but no support !.

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hey LK.... i have a Lavasat 3200, i was told it was a Pansat clone (but i don't know what # of pansat it's clone...2500A, or 2700A, or wich one??)...
i'm new at this... the guy that sold me this disappeared... and about a week ago, someone at home reset it to "factory Setting"... i've done blind scans, satelite scans... just about everything that i thought could work... but still, i'm missing channels.
I was going to download a bunch of files "egu kano" posted, but then i read this...
The satelites i use are Echo 7/ku and Echo 8.6/ku...
i'm kind of desperate because i missed "Lost" this wednesday on abc... all the channels are in disorder.
i would really apreciate it if you could tell me what i can do about it...
Thanks for your time.

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First NOT HIJACK my thread which has nothing to do with your find soneone U just didn't step all over and maybe they will help U..

Big balls and NO brains!...steals my thread, then wants my help!....LMAO

BTW...U are "Lost" ...U didn't miss it!

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hey man, sorry you feel like i HIJACKED your thread. i didn't know.
as i said, i'm new at this... i'm just looking for solutions.

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New at satellite, and new to common sense and courtesy are 2 different things..obviously U are NEW to BOTH!....Do U shop at TGIF's for a Big Mac?

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LK bin for pansat 2700 clone. I would appreciate it if you could check it out at
[link removed]
Thanks in advance

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Registered: Jan-06's NFG...its a fake!...its a Pantec 2700 clone bin thats ONLY works on the pantec Mark NOT trust don't test files...and just copies whatever site puts out! is the file U asked about...heres the TRUTH!

MARK VII - PanTecAE v148cla(NTSC) Release! 05-05-06


MARK VII - PanTecAE v148cla(NTSC) Release!

Here is the newest v148cla for the MARK VII / PanTecAE. UAYOR!

We suggest JTAG'ing your receiver and load the Factory 101 bin/JTAG. Then perform factory reset and load 148cla over.

If you have a new MARK VII right out of the box simply load v148cla over it and perform a factory reset.

Use only the loader below. DO NOT use the new BL*acklist loader. It does something to the receiver that it should not. Hint Hint....

We DO NOT advise anyone to load this patch on any other receiver.

Link to the Loader Program: [link removed]

Note: The 148 Series II patches are inherently buggy to begin with. We expect Globalteq to update as needed. We will then modify the patches to work on our receivers.

Update: v148cla - 05-05-06 has the current keys. (Set Default Key) after loading..
Attached Files: WARNING: Use at own risk. (Most files have been tested...) but use caution!

MARK VII - PanTecAE - 148cla_05-05-06(NTSC).zip (317.9 KB, 35 views)
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