Working with BUD only. Universal LNBs?


I'm using a small single LNB DN satellite dish and a big 12' BUD(Big Ugly Dish). I need to get rid of the small dish and do everything from the BUD and it would be a real pain to run an extra cable. The BUD has C and Ku bands but does not cover the bands needed for many DN sats. 119 (12224-12516). I've written a dealer and asked about exchanging my LNB with a Universal LNB but he said that Universal LNBs don't cover those frqs.
Two questions. What are Universal LNBs for then, and how can I set up my BUD to get all sat frqs?

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If you need a circular polarized LNB look for words describing it as "DSS" or "DBS" or "circular" or a combination of these terms.

If you need a linear polarized LNB look for words describing it as "FSS" or "FTA" or "linear" or a combination of these terms (FYI: All Universal LNB's are linear LNB's).

Quote: could use linear LNB to get circular signal with 50% signal lost.

You will need a large dish to compensate for this loss.

Quote: can't use circular LNB to get linear signal.

Technically incorrect. Trying to receive linear polarized signals with a circular polarized lnb (antenna) is possible with the same 3dB/50% loss of signal.

The actual reason why you most likely cannot receive linear signals with circular lnb's is because most all "DSS" circular polarized lnb's are incapable of receiving the frequecies at which linear FSS signals occur:

Standard FSS LNB (11.7-12.2 GHz)
-------->DSS LNB (12.2-12.75 GHz)

Universal FSS LNB (10.7-12.75 GHz) <-- has wide bandwidth

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Ok, good information but I kiund of knew most of that. Are you trying to tell me that a Universal LNB switches between linear and circular other then switching frq ranges? ( I don't think so) Or are you trying to tell me that I would need a feed horn that has 3 LNBs on it to get full coverage? One for C-Band, One for ku-circular and one for ku-linear?

On the http://www.lyngsat dot com/ site they list the Frq range for 121 being from 3707 - 12176 and 119 being 12224 - 12516. How does this match up or relate to the 10.7-12.75 GHz on a Universal FSS LNB?

By the way thank you for replying. Good to have somone I and ping off of until I understand what my real limatations are.

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ok, nevermind... I guess I'll attach a DSS LNB to my Scalar Ring as seen in this link. I'm thinking I can just drill my own hole and insert the LNB off my pizza dish. What do you think LK?
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