New to FTA, wondering which FTA receiver to buy, can you please help me out?


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My parents switched to Dish network a month ago and ever since, I haven't been able to watch TV in my room because I had cable. I don't want to pay to get another receiver and pay a montly fee so I'm in the market for a FTA receiver. I've been looking at some receivers such as the Orasat 5.0, Pansat 3500s, C**lsat 5000 and some other ones. I'm not sure which one to get since they're all around the same price range. Can somebody tell me which one should I get?

Also I'm new to all this FTA stuff. My grandma used to have free satelite (dish network also) but she had a dish network receiver with the smart card and she only received canadian channels. Is this FTA? Also when I get this FTA receiver, will I be able to watch ESPN, PPV, HBO, Showtime and those kind of channels? Also will I get my local channels?

Oh yeah, if you guys want to know, I'm running a Superdish pointed at all 3 satelites. It goes through this switch that has 3 satelite inputs and 3 or 4 outputs for the receivers. Will a FTA receiver work with this setup?



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U are too cheap to pay $5 a month! thats CHEAP!...U can pick up a DN receiver and a card for $20 ..U will spend much more than that for FTA hardware and all the READING, TV time down, and frustration..Your logic is very illogical...a subbed DN is a sure thing..

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Thing is I only have basic satelite. I wanted to watch other channels.

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hi and thanks for new keys
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