Bell 3100 password recover memory dump


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Hi, I have bev 3100 and I used the process earlier to find password by memory dump and going to line 0320 and look under second column and its separated by 3s.

BUt mine is all zeros in the second column of line 0320.

-Also I tried using the other method as well line 01CO, third column, first 4 numbers and reverse order.

I am confused about reverse order. Say that is says 3794 . Then what would be the password.

In the example given, they said if it said 1234, hten password is 3421.

How about for 3794.

Thanks a lot

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For 3794...PW would be 9473...reverse order the last 2 digits,then 1st 2 digits

DP 301, 3100

With your remote control, press "menu", then "6" (system setup),
then "3"(diagnostics), now press "info", then "right", then "left"
you should be in the Memory Dump Page now,
scroll down (press "down") to line NVM 0320,
look to the 2nd column on right, your 4 digit password should be there,
seperated by 3's
For example, if your password is 9999, the number should look like
this: 39393939........
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