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Simple PanSat FAT Receiver set up Guide ****

I hope this instruction will help you get started: Read the instruction and understand all the procedures first before you starting to flash your receiver.


Before we getting start, you have to down load all the software you will need and install them.

Down load the file you need from below link, then create a folder, and save as any name you want ( I name my Pansat Utilities_Programming), then unzip the file into the same folder.

Pansat FTA Loader: Get your PanSat loader here

PanSat FTA N2 Flash: Get your PanSat FTA Newest N2 Released

Channel Master: Get it here


Receiver Software update:

1. Connect the serial cable to the receiver and Comm #1 or Comm #2 port of your computer.
Double check and make sure the cable is securely connected.

Note: Pansat 2700 & 3500 use RS232C null modem(serial)cable and Pansat 2500 use RS232C straight through serial cable

2. Plug in the receiver power core, make sure the switch is turn to "ON " from the rear panel,
Then turn the power ON with remote control or from the front. You have to wait for receiver to boot up and
indicated ON.

3. Run the Down loader GTRom Loader from the new created folder.

4. Click the BIN FILE button, browser and select latest BIN FILE, then click the Open button.

5. Click the Download button, wait until the Download Completed.
Watch the LED on the receiver, it should reboot itself, wait until receiver displayed ON.

6. At this point; You are done with the software update. You can turn off power, then disconnect it from the PC.

================================================== ===

Receiver Configuration set up

With the Receiver unplug

1. Connecting all the RCA cable from the TV to the receiver, and connect RG-6 Cable to the receiver, then
Plug in power cord on the receiver.

2. You should see the Language Menu on the TV screen, select English.

3. "CAS SYSTEM" set up, just following the 3A, 3B and 3C steps

3A). Press menu, scroll down to select Parental Control then press OK.
3B). Scroll down to PIN #2, then enter you 4 digits password.0000
If you enter correct PW, it will take you into the CAS SYSTEM menu windown.
3C). In the CAS SYSTEM menu, scroll down to SET DEFAULT KEY, then press OK. Then exit to main menu page.

In the future; if you have to edit the Dishnet key, just following the step #3 to get into the CAS SYSTEM menu,
to edit the key go here Here is how to update key with a screen shoot

4. From the MAIN MENU: selecting INSTALLATION then Antenna setup Option.

These are my dish set up and DiSeqC multi switch configuration;
DiSeqC #1 SuperDish Echo9-IA 13 Dishnet 121
DiSeqC #2 Echo8.6/Ku 110W,
DiSeqC #3 Echo7/Ku at 119W

Satellite: ECHO 9(121) same as dish 105
Lnb type-Standard
Lo freq-10750
DiseqC- #1
Skew: O
TP: leave it as is

Satellite: ECHO 6,8(110)
Lnb type-Standard
Lo freq-11250
Skew: O
TP: leave it as is

Satellite: ECHO 7(119)
Lnb type-Standard
Lo freq-11250
Skew: O
TP: leave it as is

5. Check the signal and Quality level highest as you can (adjust the dish slightly to improve the signal strength).
If you get no quality level on transponders, try others before giving up, because not all TPs are transmitting,
if nesscery Re-aim your dish still not getting any quality signal

6. Press the Exit button, press OK to save setting, the back to the Main Menu

7. Go back to the Installation Menu

8. Goto SATELLITE SCAN or BLIND SCAN, press OK, select the satellite to scan.
you have to scan all the satellites have, once it complete, you should be able to watching TV

This Guide will work for both Pansat 2300 (with X-7500 files) and Pansat 2500 (with X-8500 files).

This Guide is for a "Basic Setup" - 18" DAVE dish, ONE DAVE LNB, ONE Satellite.

For other dish's, Different LNB's (FTA LINEAR) (and LNB's with switches built in), switches and multiple LNB's/Satellites, there is a little more to it than this Guide.

If you have a DishPro500 setup which has a built in switch at the LNB's you will have to do more work to get it running. You will have to use special Channel bin files that include freq's to demultiplex the Stacked signal you get from this type of Dish.

Do a search for Dishpro on this Site.

Setting up this receiver for Dishnetwork is not hard at all! You MUST follow the instructions. They MUST be followed IN ORDER.

If you don't know what each one does and or not sure if you have done it correctly you CANNOT just go on to the next step and expect things to work out. IT WILL NOT WORK!

The loader programs and the latest X7500 / X-8500 Files are in the Downloads/Pansat section of this Site.

Make sure your Com Ports work on your computer and baud rate set to 115200, if they do not, or, if they are configured incorrectly or blocked by a firewall or Norton you cannot flash your receiver ...Must use serial ports..NOT USB ports or printer port.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

1. Flash your Pansat 2300 with latest X-7500 / Pansat 2500 with X-8500 bin file. (This MUST BE DONE to DESCRAMBLE the Dishnet Nagravision1 signal). Use a RS232 Serial Straight Through Cable and Com Port 1 on your computer. Use the flash utility uploader and X-7500 / X-5800 flash file. Download the X-7500 / X-8500.bin to the receiver from you computer as a "Flash ROM File". DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT AS A "BOOT FILE" or you will fry your receiver and you will be finished with it and these instructions!

Make sure your Computer says "Download Complete", not just 100%. If you don't get "Download Complete" you have NOT completed the Flash! WAIT WAIT WAIT....for your Computer to say "Download Complete" and the receiver should re-boot itself. If this has not happened, you have not flashed successfully. Do NOT go further!

2. In antenna setup, select satellite you want (birds E8.6 at 110W and E7 at 119W are the Dishnet birds), select transponder #11 for bird 110 (Echo 8.6) or #17 for bird 119 (Echo 7) (whichever you are looking for). (This MUST be done because we know that these transponders actually are transmitting now). If you get no quality level on these transponders, try others before giving up. Not all transponders are transmitting all the time. MAKE SURE THE CABLE IS PLUGGED INTO THE "IF INPUT" PORT ON THE BACK OF THE RECEIVER! Plug the other end directly into the LNB on your Dish.

3. Still in antenna setup set LNB to "Standard" and freq to 11250. (This MUST be done to receive a QUALITY signal from the Satellite).

4. Still in antenna setup, rotate your dish to find the satellite you have selected, watching the QUALITY meter at the bottom of the screen. Get this as HIGH as possible. (This MUST be done before trying to do #5). Keep in mind that just because you told the receiver you are looking for sat 110, it does not know the difference in the signal it receives! Therefore, you MUST have some idea where 110 actually is from your location. Your receiver will show a quality level from ANY satellite that you actually have your dish pointed at.

5. Scan (ALL) for channels. (This will load the channel list from ALL transponders transmitting on the satellite to your receiver). I DO NOT ADVISE loading/using someone else's channel list, if you do, you are asking for trouble! Unless you are using a DISHPRO 500 antenna,...if you are, search this site for info on this DISH and the requirements for a channel list to demux the stacked transponders. At the completion of this scan you will have channels showing in your channel list. The ones with "$" are the ones that are scrambled channels. All the others with just names are "Ghost Channels" and can be deleted later on.

6. Go to parental control and at the bottom of the screen you should see "Second PIN" available. Enter "0000" and it will take you to a screen where you can turn the EMU ON and SET DEFAULT KEYS ON. (This activates the keys in the x-8500 flash, in item #1 above, to decode the signals). This cannot be done until you have channels in your receiver. Just turn EMUON and Set Default Keys and hit OK. Exit out of the menu and...........


You can now go back to your channel list and delete all of the channels that do not have a "$" in front of them, they are "Ghost Channels". Rename all the "$" channels to whatever what they are.

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Hi LK.... need your help a bit.. seems like you are good with pansat.

using the following
Pansat 2500A
Eliptical dish
DiSEqC switch

Port 2 and 3 on the DiSEqC switch are connected to two seperate dualhead LNBs

Here is my problem.. trying to catch 110 and 119.. but no matter what i do, i just cant catch 110. Even if i try to scan Echo 8.6, and add channels, the channel info shows me EchoStar 119 if i press the "OK" button while viewing any channel.

why the hell is it doing that? I heard that for Pansat i dont need to specify the port numbers in the "Antenna Setup" but i dont think thats true.. is it?

In the antenna setup, i choose Ecso 7 and specify DiSEqC port 9, as the cable from my left lnb ( if you look from behinf the dish) is connected to the Port # 2 and Port 3 for Echo 8.6

PLSSSSSSSSSSSSSS help, i am tired of running up and down the rooftop.. pls pls help me.

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I have NO clue what U just said..

Port 2 and 3 on the DiSEqC switch are connected to two seperate dualhead LNBs ...what is that?...twin LNB? pro?...legacy?...dualhead?

IF has 2 eyes on a single unit its a twin, NOT dual!...twin legacy's are NO good for FTA....twin Dish pro's are good..

Either way the receiver MUST be configured using the remote.. disque 1-110, disque 2-119...11250, etc..

Twin dishpro's have built in disque switches and U do NOT need EXTERIOR disque cables directly to each receiver..

Twins receives BOTH the 110 and 119 and sends both signals thru 1 cable directly to the receiver..

Dual (1 eye but 2 outputs) LNB receives only 1 satellite signal but sends signal to 2 receivers (2 outputs)..

So now that I gave U a terminology lesson, what is your problems?...either way U must align the LNB's correctly to receive both signals..


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where do i download all the necessary software for pansat 2700a?

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hello lk i got a pansat 2500 and mtv and spike dont work dont know what to do

Unregistered guest
does it works with 3500s
when you say FTA N2 Flash (on top), you mean a bin file? the GTROM Loader has 3 options: App File, Channel Data, and Boot File: which i use for download Flash ROM file?
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