Pansat 2700 new bin upload dummies guide!


Do this at you own risk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Thing you will need!
1.A computer with a com port!
2.The right cable to connect to your computer to your receiver!
3.GTROM LOADERv3.34 or newer!
4.New pansat 2700bin!
5.LNB setup and the right switch!
6.Sat Signal at 85 percent or higher!
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----
1.Power down receiver and computer!
2.Connect receiver to computer and power both of them up!
3.Start up gtrom loader v3.34 or newest version and select the new bin file you wish to upload then click download wait until it is finished it will go to a 100 percent but it is not finish until it displays burn complete or finished!
4.Turn off power to receiver and computer and remove the cable from the receiver!
5.Install cable from the lnb and the cable from the tv and the plug it up and power up the receiver!
6.Using your remote hit menu and the parent control then ok in second pin enter 0000 and then ok!
7.Then set default key then ok!
8.Go to Nargavision1 then ok and check 00 and 01 keys put in new keys if need then hit ok to save!
9.Go to Nargavision2 then ok and check 00 and 01 keys put in new keys if need then hit ok to save!
10.Now installation then ok antenna setup then ok make sure you have 110 and 119 and check to make sure the switch is set right for both on the diseqc setting!If 110 is on 1 and 119 is on 2 set diseqc the same way!
11.Now go to blind scan and hit ok!
12.When finished exit menu and watch tv!
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