Who is blacklist the final answer.


Who's this soul Blacklist.? I'd sure like to know.
A figment of our imagination.? Or the one running the show.?
Some say "he's the man", from reading there logs.
Some say he's a guy from a land where they eat dogs.

Some kiss his axx.While others suck on his clock.
Some say that the dude crawled from under a rock.
Sweeps, with its weird sort of wit, adds it this twist.
We profoundly renames you, Black sh@t head list.

They say he brings light. From where it is dark.
Some say he fondles children, out playing in the park.
He just may be out there.Out there somewhere.
But for only one maker, does he show any care.

Others they think, he's a corporate plot oh so sly.
Conceived by providers, on another part of the sky.
To bring down the birds that take up there slack.
And drive them all out so you'll all come running back.

My guess would be he's all the above.
He's munching on your dog and yet he feels your love.
He laughs at your pain as your clones all go dead.
And feels your warm lips on his axx,of course. As i've said.

Do not post stupidity on this forum !


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yeah ..... poetry is . g a y

To bad you homophobe.
Poetry has always been subversive.
To big a word for you. Then look it up.
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