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How do I get these channels to come in. I do get all the outher channels.

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I made a blind scan of the satellites or make a factory set up and start again. First erase the channels and then download the channels again. I't work for me.

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jack the best way is just use a channel list and youll have everything in order too.. hit me up ill tell you how to do it


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Please tell how to do it Jose.

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Load PANTEC file/bin. Or at least anything non BL file.

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newb...again U are wrong...Sports channels have nothing to do with the bin or Pantec fool! the ARCHIVES here and the Sports packages thread...U have to scan the TP right before game time cause DN changes it around..

newb ..either post good info or don't post at all,all your posts are useless..and your attitude and knowlege is lame..we have enough useless characters here now
Sport Packages Channel Info.

The available games that make up The Sports Packages are in addition to those seen on FOX, ESPN, ESPN2, regional sports networks, and your home team's television affiliate stations .

The NBA, NHL and MLB package channels (540-552, 561-572 and 625-639) change transponder/satellite positions daily. They are all mirrors of the Regional Sport Channels found on channels 412-437 ..
The "'SKDL 1-8"" channels are all on Transponder 24 frequency 12559 h 110 W . and "SKDL" Channels found on channels 9910-9917.

These are the transponders that are needed to be scanned either 1 hour or during the game time ,, in order to receive the NBA, NHL and MLB package channels broadcast.

These channels will always be in the following places: Transponders 10 , 12 , 17 , 18 or 21 at 119° and transponders 24 or 25 at 110°..
Frequencies will be as follows @ 119W: 12355 H , 12384 H , 12457 V , 12472 H , 12516 V .
Frequencies will be as follows @ 110W: 12559 H , 12574 V

Choose menu on remote control, then select installation, tp scan, select 110 or 119 and in new screen choose the tp/freq you wish to scan..then click this an hour before or during the game...


for 520-533 scan these:
12253,12530,12632 and 12661

for 550-575 scan these:

This is for a non-dishpro setup.

For 520-533:
If you have dishpro then take those numbers above and subtract them from 25600. So for example 25600-12253= 13347 for dishpro. Scan tp frequency 13347 and continue for the rest.
For channels 550-575:
Scan these transponder numbers :10,12,17,18,21 on 119 and 24 and 25 on 110

If it is the sports channels you are after you could try the following to save scanning all the time:

The above transponder numbers listed are also the transponders for the following channels:

1. FOX Sports regional channels (409-437)
2. Sports ALT channels (445-452)
3. SKDL Channels (9910-9917)

Most channel lists will already have these channels in the list. If you don't have these channels in your list then get a new dishpro channel list.

Here's what to do:
Take that group of channels above and mark them as favorites in your channel list. Call it whatever you like. Now when you're looking for a game, just go to the favorites list and you'll find the game you're looking for in one of these three locations. If you don't find it, DN is not uplinking it.

What DN is doing is taking the games from those transponders and merely adding another SID to the uplink. That second SID will contain a number somewhere between 540-548 (for the Hockey games). That is how the game is being broadcast on both the regular feeds and the package that DN calls "NHL Center Ice". Once the game is over, the secondary SID uplink is taken down.

This will stop the unnecessary pre-game scanning and you can start enjoying the games. This should work for all NHL, MLB and NBA games


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any body know how to get the morales vs pacqiao live? Also (TFC) the filipino channel, does any one out there w/ 2700A pansat gets it?
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