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Hello just got a Cool$at5000. Not new to fta but what bin or bins do I need to get started.Just the lastest bin or do i have to load something else first like softcam america too. thank you in advance.

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Check al7bar. I'm not sure.

c/p Just the latest 111 bin and that's it. You don't need a channel list unless you choose to use one. The STB has settings to Sort By Sid(Just means Dishnet Order) All I do is AutoScan with SID On. Very simple.

Instructions For The C@@lsat STB(Receiver)
Never Hook Up The DiSEqC Switch When There Is Power To The STB(Receiver)
It Can Short The DiSEqC Switch!!!!!
Items Needed:
1 - RS232 Cable(Pro uses straight DB9 and the Plus uses Null)
2 - Current C@@lsat 5000_NORW_111_20051228.stb bin file
3 - C@@lsat Pro Loader v2.2 software
Flashing The C@@lsat BIN:
1. Turn power OFF on C@@lsat with the front button or with remote.
2. Turn OFF rear power switch before making any connections.
3. Unplug the receiver.
4. With all power OFF.
5. Connect RS232 cable from C@@lsat to PC.
6. Plug in the receiver.
7. Open the C@@lsat Pro Loader v2.2 software.
8. Turn ON the REAR reset switch on back of the C@@lsat. and turn ON front power button.
9. Browse and find your C@@lsat 5000_NORW_111_20051228.stbbin file (or current
bin file) in the Open window. Select the C@@lsat 5000_NORW_111_20051228.stb file, then click Open.
10. Click Auto Detect to see if port setting is correct and your C@@lsat is detected. If port setting is correct, the Comm Port and current bin version loaded to the receiver will show. If you are not able to connect to C@@lsat, Turn the rear power switch OFF and back ON.
11. Click Exit to exit the Auto Detect.
12. Click Connect, another window will open
13. Click Start.
You will see System Reset, Sending %'s, Sending Ok and Erasing the bin. Do not interrupt until the Finish window opens. The Finish window will show the prior version of bin loaded.
14. Click Finish.
15. Click Auto Detect and Current version bin loaded will appear.
16. Exit out of the C@@lsat Pro Loader program-
17. Turn OFF C@@lsat with rear reset button
18. Disconnect RS232 Cable from your PC.
19. Unplug C@@lsat.
20. Reconnect LNB cable in and cable out to TV.
21. Plug IN C@@lsat
22. Turn ON rear reset switch.
23. Turn ON front button and wait for clock to come on. If first time flash
of receiver wait until you see 0000 to show up on clock.
Now do the Database Reset - MENU - System Setting - Database Reset - Factory Set(Press OK) When asked for Password, enter 0000.(Default is 0000)

24. Select Language and then OK. TO set the Time and Date MENU - System Setting - Time Setting. Turn GMT Usage OFF and you will be able to change what you need to.

Setting Antenna Settings for C@@lsat Receiver
NOTE: Use channel up down, volume up and down to navigate through menu.
25. On Remote, Click on Menu. While in installation click OK.
26. When asked for Password, enter 0000.(Default is 0000)
27. Click OK.
28. On "Dish Setting "window (top window). Select satellite with left or right volume buttons to locate your satellite, when found, scroll down and set
antenna settings using left or right volume buttons to make each selection all the way down the settingsUse the CH Down button on the remote and scroll down to change setting**** EXIT and Yes to Save. Do this for each Satellite.
29. To remove the need for a password Hit MENU - System Setting -Security Setting - Turn OFF the top 4 and EXIT
30. Now you need to scan the Satellites for the Channels. MENU - Auto Scan -Scroll to 119.oW Echostar 7 HIT OK then Right VOL button on remote Press OK(It will Scan the Satellite Just wait until it's done) EXIT and Save
31. Now do the same for the other Satellites, and EXIT and Save.
HIT EXIT until you are out of the MENU.
It may take a few Minutes to get a Picture, because the Keys need to roll.
To get the EPG(Guide) Hit Guide on the Remote and then the Yellow Button on the Remote and it will go to channel 100. Leave it like that a few minutes and the Guide should be loaded. If you ever get No Info in the Guide just Hit Guide and then the Yellow button to load the EPG again..
You can adjust the Color by Hitting the Yellow Button while on a Channel .To make adjustments change the Mode from Default to User and then you can make changes.
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