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hi, i'm new to FTA...planning to buy fortec far using the dish network receiver...when i saw the fta at my friends place, all the channel listings are like $ 0001 etc instead of the actual dish network channels like 140, 141 do i change this? looks like it comes from the fav list..

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Why would you buy a fortec?....are you fcuking retarded?...fortec has the shittiest support out of all the receivers...obviously you havn't done your homework, maybe you too fcuking lazy to read all the reviews on the receivers...there is one that stands you lazy azzhole...ROTF

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any sensible replies for this?? cost is the main reason i'm buying this...sick of spending all that money on dish network only to go down in a few taking the cheapest option

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Listen you fcuking idiot...since you are too stupid to find out for yourself, I will tell you...Viewsat is one of the cheapest and "Best" recievers out there...and yes Dis net will be around for quite a stop being a fcuking tight azz and spend an extra $20 for a real reciever...if you insist on being a fcuking retard...go ahead and buy the fortec...ROTF

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I agree...Do NOT buy any Fortec,unless its given to U used for $25..nothing but limited software problems and cheapest quality receivers.....for $125 U can buy a decent pansat 3500,if U look around..I think within 3-4 months there will be NO software to use that fortec..

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Can you not make a pantec out of the Fortec?
Or can you use pansat files?.Just asking.

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U can't use pansat files on Fortecs and vice-versa, but....

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Posted on Thursday, January 05, 2006 - 01:00 pm:

PanTec receivers

This is perhaps most controversial receiver on the FTA market. PanTec is not a company name or trademark product. Instead, it's a virtually unknown brand that has the same chip as the FortecStar and Pansat receivers. This allows software for either Pansat or Fortec receivers to be used with it--hence the dealer name "PanTec".

PanTec receivers are just as easy to use as Pansat or Fortec receivers . The instructions are also the same, depending on what firmware you load to it.

What makes them controversial is the fact that they are clones and not a true, authorized Fortec or Pansat product. This makes them a lot cheaper but some argue that it also makes them more susceptible to "clone-kill" measures like the recent Blacklist's Clone Killer fiasco .

My educated opinion is that since there are two competing coders (BlackList and Alibar), it is unlikely that those kinds egotistical power plays will happen with Fortec, Pansat, or PanTec receivers. I say go ahead and buy a PanTec if you can save yourself a couple bucks!
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