Where canWhere can i obtain the "AA-1_H20051217_263EU(N)_api.BIN" file?For ARIZA 700


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Where can I obtain the "AA-1_H20051217_263EU(N)_api.BIN" file?

For Ariza 700. The file I dl from ftacentral.cm
didnt work. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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Thill1951 Where can i find the file
"AA-1_H20051217_263EU(N)_api.BIN" file, the file
that u suggested to me in the last posting.

I used the one I dl from FTAcentral.cm ..
"700 FACTORY FLASH.bin" and it did not work. The bin reset my receiver and i cant do anything with it anymore...i believe i completely erased its software. How do i get this thing to work....

Any help would be greatly appreciated

First find a real dss site not this phoney forum just looking for internet hits for cash!

somewhere like hashhu, or dsscentral. ecoustics is the biggest joke there is in the dss community
it's just the first hit in a Google search! Try again!!!

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U sure didn't look very hard...I found it in 5 seconds at first place I looked!

www.dsscentral.n*et ..File share on left side..Other FTA receivers...there it is,half way down the list of new files..

(size: 351.6 KB last modified: 12-19-2005 )
Ariza Full AutoRoll

Also U need to read and learn about FTA in general, and your specific receiver...putting the factory bin on first is good and never hurts anything!...but only gets U the FREE unencrypted channels...now go READ, and then upload your autoroll 263 bin which should get U the ALL channels that the satellites which your roof dish LNB's are aimed/aligned at by you!..and your receiver was configured for by you!

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thill1951, thanks for all your help i really appreciated it. This is all new to me....once again thank you.

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