I am running Nagra 2 and this is no joke!!!!!!!!!!


keith green
Unregistered guest
No pansat or free to whatever,but Nagra 2 with emulation.Not sure how long it will last.Just got the new chip in my old unit (took me 2 days to install it).Has anyone else heard of this.Im not prepared to mention the website today because it does seem to good to be true.This is a company thats been at this for years.Started with the dtv mod that brought in everything without card fixing etc.Then when dtv brought out the p4 they moved on to dish/echostar.That ended with nagra 2 as we know.They said they had high hopes for nagra 2 even while people laughed and mocked them.They refused to sell any product until this week,I already had the product,just needs a new chip and a download or 2.They are running nagra 2.What exactly that means and how long it will last they are up front not promising.In fact they are prommising a long bumpy road,but it is working well as we speak

I will keep you posted.I would not believe this if I where you,but it still is true.It would be foolish of me to give the website right now because ,hey maybe the people at dish and bell will scrap it.Do a little research.

Oh yeah well the owner of ecoustics here is running drugs for alkida, maybe they'll make you a deal! Google that!!!
Contact name is Maple leaf, aka B1tch Boy, Neegrow

keith green
Unregistered guest
Im dead serious.I am running Nagra 2 as we speak with a dummy card hooked to my computer(emulation)The news is this....Nagra 2 is not secure like the DTV P4 AND P5.

Im no expert,I dont pretend to understand it all.All I know is that my ___ _ _ _ emulation system that I ran with nagra 1 up until a few months ago, is now working again.I just had to solder a module into my echostar receiver(dish or bell)and install a new chip in place of the old one.Yes I payed 75 bucks in all for the hardware and then did 2 downloads,1 for the computer and one short program for the new chip.And now its working,I chose dish for now.I have 2 other units but am not upgrading until we see how it goes.Right now it seems like the old days.Touch wood.I can only assume if these guys did it,others will soon be out.They have been running just 2 weeks.

All I know is Osma is is now found to be transmitting out Maple Leafs Dreambox with a card sub...this could be the same dummy card!
As said in the movie The Graduate the future is in plastics.

I sugguest you take this exciting info to a REAL DSS SITE!!!

Now back to our regular programming!
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