Fortec Ultra lost Echo 119 after loading new bin


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After loading new bin Echo 119 is showing blue and no channels are coming in. Echo 110's channels work. Other people are getting both satellites with new bin. How do I get Echo 119 to start showing green and bring in the channels. Please help!!!!

I think this was answered about a week ago and also 8 posts down from this one! The new N2 bins seem to black out the first sat in your channel list, try installing a dummy sat first in your channel list then 110, 119.

This could be your problem, hth.

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The new bins are buggy.

I tried scanning satellites seperately before adding the disq switch (which MUST be done anyways), adding the 0800 dummy satellite, with no avail.

Sats popped in and out (dissapeared altogether) only to get one satellite (not both) after they stablized after an autoroll.

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also,after loading any new bin,go check your disque settings, using the remote..

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can some 1 help me
i have fortecstar
digital satellite system
lifetime ultraTM
Enho3 61.5
LBN type: standard
LBN Local-Freq: 11250
22KHz: OFF
DisEqc: 2
LBN Powre: ON
TP: 12239 H 21.500
Positioner setting: Disable
Satellite scan : FAT
level : 72%
Quality: 0%
i don't know why its not working
what should i do to make it work.
i have Nagravision, but when i store the key it doesnot work.. Do i have to download the niagravision2 and store the keys too?
if yes then how should i download the niagravision2.. I have the bin and the 9pin cable .. so what should i do next t make it work
please help me

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Hey Humair; I don`t know @ fortec, but one thing caught my attention, Sat. Scan: FAT, did you mean FTA?, if so try ALL instead.

You're right on there Hitch, you must select & scan all sats not just FTA.

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Go Fish

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I have a dummy sat before channel list 110 and 119. I checked the disque settings using the remote. I can only get sat 110. Everyone else is getting both. Is there anything else that I might need to check?? Thanks in advance.

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Username: Tulip

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Also when I display the channel list Echo 7 @119 shows an x whereas the channel list for Echo 6.8 @110 does not???? Thanks in advance.
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