Need Help Pansat 3000.


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Im new to this so please bare with me.

My dad bought a Pansat 3000 Rec. from his "friend". The fricking thing "goes down every week". We used to take it to the "friend" but got sick of it.
He found out that we could change keys so I did that. Just as the instructions say "Parental controll, second pin, blah bla..." everything worked fine. Then it stoped working again and we decided to take it to the "friend" so that he could reset it through his PC, thinking that would solve the problem. He did reset it and it was working for another week. The only problem is. Now all the menus are different. So parental controll has "Old Pin, New Pin and Confirm Pin". All the KEY stuff is in the "Chanel Edit" menu. So I go in there and do the 1010 Code and select Nagra. (Don't have nagra 2 for some reason).. then Dish NTWK blah balh... it finds the channels but they are "scrambled or bad". So I tried updating the box through my PC. Bought the cable, downloaded the program but I get "Write Failed" (ER1) all the time. Also the "friend" who sold us the box told said DONT do that cause you might fry the receiver. So now im thinking its a clone. Is that correct?

So my question is.

How to reset the receiver and write in the "old" software that will show the "old" parentall control menu with PIN1,2 Nagravision 1/2 and all that? Im guessing that will solve the problem?
Could someone explain to me how the whole "software" thing works when it comes to "how the menu's" look? Cause i'm guessing the receiver doesn't want to take the UPDATE because the updater im using and the software thats in the box are different. So if I can erase the crap he put in and write in the regular one I should be able to not only change keys but update through PC as well.

Thanks folks.

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The Niagra2 menu only comes up on "Clone_267cLv5_limited_autoroll.BIN", the file you need if you want BEV and BELL (mind you only one will work, even with a disquswitch where you must scan each statellite separately before hooking switch up and be sure to set default keys after scan and before entering keys)

You are best off (for now) with older "pantec_257v4b_key.bin" fix for Dish only as you can get Bell or Dave but not both with latest fix you are talking about. Also check satelite signal loss and symptoms you get with latest fix. They do go away and one or the other signal will come in but this fix is not stable enough yet.

For the 3000, use older fix until Niagra 2 autoroll is fixed for these clones with bad combo number.

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I would upload the dishtown 261 bin...its safe, and has either autoroll or ability to manual input keys...its located at [link removed]

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Also the 267 limited autoroll bin mentioned above will get Dishnetwork and is another good one..dsscommunity I believe has it also.. pantec area of forums..

[link removed]

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BTW...the receiver should upload..did U buy the correct cable?...there are 2 ..they both look exactly the same..a "straight" and a "null modem"...U need the straight cable with DB9 female ends..the pansat 3000 is a clone,there are no genuine Pansat 3000's,they were never made by Pansat!..that 1010 codes are for Fortecs,not pansats..U should get back to pansat software and clones..I think I would try the 267 auto bin..also make sure U use the correct serial port when U upload...also use BL uploaders (software) and different ones

Here are a few tips if you are having difficulty flashing: pay close attention,especially the highlights...

I would advise everyone to read a set up guide before flashing. But, since people have been having some problems, I have revised this to provide more detailed information. But this is not intended to be a substitute.

1. Make sure you use the proper serial cable for your receiver:
Fortec and most Pansat use a straight through cable with DB9 females on both ends.
The Blackbird and pansat 2700/3500 uses null (crossover) cable, which crosses over pins 2 and 3.

2, With the power turned OFF, connect it to your computer and receiver using the serial connector. Use serial port #1 if you can.

3. If you do not have a working serial port, you must install one or use a computer that has one.

4. Use the appropriate loader.

5. Select the file. Make sure that it is the correct flash for your receiver.

6. Select the COM port your receiver is connected to. If you do not know, what it is try #1 first.

7. Enter the correct model name and number. (key:global) is necessary sometimes..

8. Check off the correct function box. Your choices are boot, flash or channel list. To FLASH your receiver you would use FLASH. Most flashes do not require a separate boot; so do not load both separately.

9. Turn ON the receiver power from the back switch.

10. As soon as you see the lights flash -- press download. Timing here is very crucial..

11. Wait until it completes and reboots.

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I was unable to grab both satellites with the Pansat 3000. I kept losing signal on each, then they finally stablized. After short a few autorolls, I finally got BEV but this was the only one I could get losing the signal to zero intermittently for some strange reason.

Always bi-pass disq switch when scanning each satellite, scan one, then the other, then hook up switch. Still no luck...

After scanning, set defrault key before entering keys. I even tried setting up a dummy satellite making the one with all FF's, 0800 and entering zeros for the rest of the data with no avail.

The most stable one is for Dish only I found, short of this BEV only with the latest fix.

This stable older bin works problem free, albeit it doesn't have autoroll and I had to manually enter the keys to update once already.

If you want BEV use the newest fix, if you want Charlie, the older one. For some strange reason I was unable to capture both on the 3000 and I suspect a bad chip combo as the culprit which is a shame as they are a very cool / fast / problem free easy to Jtag unit.

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Yeah, I got the old BIN in it now and KEYs dp the trick. Thanks for all the replys folks.
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