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Ok when entering new keys in Nagra 2, do I just change the top key in 00 and the top key in 01?

Eg: Key 00 has two sets of keys, and key 01 has two sets of keys, that makes 4, yet the new keys provided are only 2 lines. Do I enter those two lines in key 00 and repeat in key 01 or just replace the first new key on the top line of 00 and the second new key on the top line of 01?

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enter them where it says nagra 2 in top left

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I've loaded with bin 260 on my pansat which gives me the option to enter nagra2 keys, but it gives 2 sets of date keys in 00 and 01.

So i reloaded bin 256, and cannot get to nagra 2. Been doing this for 2 hours and about to rip my hair out

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Have you set default keys

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How To Update your Keys for all FTA

Here Are Simple Step By Step Instructions For Updating The Keys For Your Stb:
Suggestion Courtesy Of Bandit13:
How To Manually Enter Keys For Pansats:
Menu button
select Parental Controls
2nd PIN/enter 0000
Select ~~~~~~~~~~~ ( top right, use R / L Arrow Buttons )
scroll down
select key 0
scroll down
enter ( new key )
( The letter keys are shown on the screen by function key ).
Check it carefully.
scroll up
select key 1
scroll down
enter Keys ( Same letter keys as above - bottom of screen )
check it carefully.
Hit and hold OK until it flashes ( red, bottom right ) on the screen.
exit out and watch TV ..

Suggestion Courtesy Of Wtm:
For Those Using The Pansat To Fortec Bins
Right side volume button to channel edit
down to codes
1668 or 1010
down to nagravision
right side volume button to DN
same as pansat except
C-Tv / Radio
D-Upper Pause

Suggestion Courtesy Of Frankott:
How To Manually Enter Keys For Lifetime Ultras:
Click Menu on the remote
Then side arrow to Channel Edit
Then down to Code then Ok then 1668 or 1010
Then side arrow to turn code Off just to be safe
Then down to Nagravision then OK
Then side arrow to Dish Network
You need to change the keys on two lines.
In Provider Id it will be 00 // 01
Then down arrow to Key Number & Make change
Then down arrow again to Key number & make change
Then Hit Ok to save. Then Exit once
Then side arrow once, then 1668 to turn code back ON
Make sure your Key Code Function is On
Your TV should work now after you exit out

letter Codes
A - Sat
B - Info or I
C - Tv / Radio
D - Pause
E - Audio or ?
F - Guide or Epg

How To Set The Default Keys:
Click on Menu , then go to Channel Edit , then Code , then Ok
put in 1010 or 1668
then the down arrow to Set Default Key and click OK then exit out.

Suggestion Courtesy Of Dipper:
How To Manually Enter Keys For Coolsats:
Go to Channel 8282

Use the right arrow to scroll to 111 Nagravision ( Dish Network )

Enter the keys . Use the Info button for letters A-F . Press it once for A , twice for B , Etc .

Exit Out & Save Changes & Watch TV

Suggestion Courtesy Of Bandit13:
How To Manually Enter Keys For Viewsats:
Press Menu Button
Installation Selection ( #3 )
Code Selection ( #7 )
Nagra Selection ( #3 )
Dish Network
Always Leave The First Set Of Digits Alone ( 00 = First Row // 01 = Second Row )
There Should Only Be 8 Rows To Change For Active key If Needed ( A Total Of 16 Digits )
Change Keys If Neccesary On Active Key Or Where Necessary
Press Exit And Press Ok To Save Changes
Press Exit Button To Completely Exit Out Of Menu Options To Watch Tv .

Suggestion Courtesy Of Yono:
How To Manually Enter Keys For Ariza:
1- Green button
2- Red button
3- Red button
4- Menu button
5- Press right arrow several times until you see nagravision
6- Now depend on the key that changed and it is active you must scroll down til proper key to be changed
Example: On 06/09/05 ECM key 01 is active. Scroll down to provider 000101 01 key line and enter xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx (enter number with your # button in your remote and for letter follow code definition button on your TV screen)
7- Press OK for 5 seconds.
8- Exit,exit...........
9- Enjoy

DN active provider in ariza flash is 0101. so edit keys in 000101 lines
DN key 00 is in 3rd line from top to botton
Key 01 is in 4th line

Suggestion Courtesy Of Yono:
How To Manually Enter Keys For Digiwave:
1- Press MENU
2- Scroll down to System Setting.
3- Press OK. If you see a red dot in the botton/left of your screen, go to step 5
4- Enter number 1004. A red dot will come out at ur bottom left. YOU DO NOT NEED TO DO THIS STEP w/ lastest bins.
5- Press red button (audio).
6- Press right arrow until NAGRA appears in the first line.
7- Down arrow up to Provider and right arrow up to 0001.
8-Now scroll down to first key line and press OK. scroll to the letters and number and enter Key 00. Get keys from Maestra or another site or using a key grabber program
9-Scroll down to second key line, press ok. and enter key 01
10- Scroll To Save Key and
11- Press OK.
12- Exit and Enjoy

i hope this will help

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