Jaton PSD7611K Region Free Progressive Scan DVD Player Review


Brian Mitchell
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I bought Progressive DVD Player, Jaton. I doesn ot work any more after one month and a half, just 3 movies. Jaton's services for Canada are not good, it seems there is no warranty policies for Canada. So, it is very good to be able to watch mvies from all other the world bur paying $379.oo for 3 movies is too expensive.

I have had a Jaton PSD7611K for about 3 weeks now and aside from having to get used to a few quirks unique to it, mainly the display(which by is flourescent not led) only displays chapter time or chapter number but not both like most dvd players. The actual performance is very good, quite probally the best interlaced picture I've seen on a dvd player. I did'nt have any problems with the remote either, probally because I have average size hands. No problems with internal error messages popping up at all. I love the x-y scaling feature. All in all I would have to disagree with the on site review by Mr.Michell. Another thing is I only paid $239.99 including shipping so i think I got a very good price consdering most ebay sites sell it for $403.00. Anyway i give the Jaton PSD7611K 9 stars out of 10.

Do you mean that having a TV like the Sony with its technology DRC-MF which doubles the horizontal lines, progressive scann will not make a big difference?

Anyone have experience with the Malata DVD-520?

Having sold hundreds of the Jaton 7611K units
at our website www.dvdshippers.com we can say
uneqivacally this is the best quality all region unit we've ever had to sell and it has the lowest return rate we've seen even as compared to Pioneer, JVC, and Malata. Current price is
only $199.95 including s&h. Features like x,y scaling are a bonus. Any problems with Remote means it should be replaced as they work flawlessly unless there's a problem. Their warranty is good as the unit is actually made in CA whereas most everything else is made in China with more recognized names. The biggest flaw we see in this unit is the Owners Manual that doesn't fully explain the units capabilities and the fact that the 7611K has a rather large profile. Look for a new slimmer unit to arrive early in 2004.

Paul Kazee
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Two friends of mine - one a professional DVD reviewer - bought Jaton's in September 2002. Both of them raved about it. As a consequence, I bought one in October 2002, and being happy with my purchase, I recommended the unit to two of my business partners (we run a film festival in NYC), who each bought one in November 2002. To date, none of us has had any problem with our units.

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Any news on that upcoming Jaton? Do they still plan to release it soon?


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For those of you who have the Jaton player can you post a bit more about its usability. I'm thinking about purchasing one for a classroom where a lot of multimedia and film courses are taught. Some folks who use the room (myself included) aren't always the most technologically savvy. Is the player easy to figure out? If we are running PAL DVDs will we easily be able to make adjustments using the remote? In short, on the scale of idiot to rocket scientist where do we need to fall? Thanks.

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Hi dm,

the Jaton PSD7611K is very easy to use. If you intend to watch PAL DVDs on it, you may have to make the player region-free, which takes all but 10 seconds: I watch lots of European DVDs that fall in the region 2 of the DVD regioning system, and therefore, the player has to be made region-free to read these discs, otherwise, it will be "stuck" in region 1, which is the region used by most DVDs in the US and Canada, and the default region of the player. I say most because some discs do not fall into any particular region(region 0) and can be read by any player. For example, some concerts, documentaries, etc.

All this to say that the fact the player has an internal NTSC/PAL converter does not mean it will display the correct picture on your NTSC TV. If you set it to convert a NTSC picture into PAL but the DVD you are reading is zone 2, you won't see much of a picture unless the player is made region-free beforehand. So, just to be sure, all you have to do is:
1. Make sure the player converts PAL discs to NTSC. In the player's menu, select NTSC as your TV system. Your player will always output NTSC as far as video is concerned.
2. Make it region-free: while the player is off, just press clear on the remote, then press 0. The player is now "region 0" which means it will read any DVD from any country next time you turn it on!

Email me directly if you have additional questions.


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I am having trouble getting PAL region 2 Widescreen (1.85:1) movies to fill the screen of my WS TV.
I have set the TV system as NTSC.
The picture displays in the correct format but there is a black border all around it.
Any ideas anyone?
I'm going to contact the supplier and will post when I resolve.
It plays Region 1 discs fine.
Port Charlotte FLBlack border on Jaton / Samsung

Call me Bob
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I just set up my Jaton 7611K and have picture but no sound. I have tried both the coax and optical digital outputs to my JVC receiver. The old DVD worked fine on the coax port. Am I missing something that has to be done in the setup? The manual is very vague (to me) on audio setup. Thanks.

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Dear Bob,
Maybe the digital limit of your JVC receiver
can not handle over 48kHz. So please get into
the audio section of OSD and set the digital limit
to 48 instead fo none. The problem should be solved.
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