DN & DTV on one receiver


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Hello everyone
I'm a DN subscriber, though I have a CS4000, as well.

What kind of equipment will I need to get both, DN & DTV on one receiver?
I understand that my 20" DN antennas will not work for DTV. I've heard that a Dish500 does, but I'd rather buy a better and bigger dish. I guess I need a DTV LNB, switches as well? What are your recommendations? What is the best source?
Are there links with installation instructions around?

Thanks guys.

all your equipment will work with both DN and FTA,but cannot get DTV on FTA receiver. www.dsstester.c*om is the best site with all the info

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Thanks thill1951 for posting.LMAO

Hey...the only problem with dsstester is they don't allow BEV discussions :-O(....

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No Thill, they have two problems....one is no
BEV discussions....Second, They have U Silly

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another problem is they hate clones kissing BL's psoterior who gives a poor explanation and senseless on why he doesn't like clones. he says for R&D put into them and Pansat support, like who's R&D his or Pansat's and what support, does Pansan condone his actions?

BL is full of it. So is FTA a bunch of chickensh*ts kissing his azz... and they dodn't even talk BEV? LOL, they just want the tarffic to sell their boxes.

Crap sites, best things in life are free.

Punjavi Da
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Hello. This Punjavi Da

ok . another terrible happen

went with my mother

to register to that site

and they didnt want to register us

they say they were full

so I thinky is discriminating

those basterds sons of a biitch

so am back here

ok bye


BS,not true.ALL are welcome at www.dsstester.c*om

Maple Leaf (Mr Ecoustics Mod)and all your aliases such as kneegrows,bitchboy,Punjavi da, etcs who allowed this site to rot, quit telling lies!

Everyone noticed how U SUDDENLY appeared when this site went DIXIE! If they didn't, then they are blind or not observant!

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Ok szot or thill1951.

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How about all your fvcking nick Silly Thilly_boy
Iam going to tell b1tch-boy and he is going to
Butt-pork you to death....ROTF

-Maple Leaf is the Boss for now...ROTF
Maple Leaf is going to be the gold member
not U azz O...I have seen to that...ROTF

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yes hes only 50 post away .....roff

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Hey Warthog! good to see your still posting!

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