Key code for PANSAT 2500A for DISH NETWORK


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Does any one have the key code for the PANSAT 2500A for DISH NETWORK (Nigravision -1 and -2?) And am I suppose to enter it in both Nigravision -1 and -2? :/

anonymously yours
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this is the latest n2 keys, you don't have to input n1 keys:

key00 F2 98 74 44 1C 65 77 d8
key01 17 E3 E1 1D 89 4E 53 45

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but the n1 has numbers in it, what do i do? Put them all 0?

I have 2 HU/P3 cards which are unlooped. What do I do now to use them. Also a while back they use to jump some contacts. Does it still work and which do I jump

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heck that's easy there Anonomous

what I did was get the 12 volt jumper cables out and hooked it up to my tactor battery then carefully touched the metal contacts on the P4 card

Sparks flew and burned my fingers so bad I jumped onto my porch crushing my 5 best hounds. The rag I use for a gas cap cuaght flames and blew up the truck and I thought all was lost.

yep, I thought I screwed up until I saw two teddy bears skating backwards on a peanut butter sandwich in my microwave oven's window. They I realized I had video.

I'm just about to run upstairs and get some tin foil a few flashlight batteries and some knitting needles to see if I can get audio now.

I'll let you know how I make out.

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I have pansat 2500a I downloaded n2 and I got all the chanells back but no picuter. And tried to enter the keys manualy butdidnt work out because I dont see n2 even I press the volume 3 times but still dont see n2. And on the chanells I can read the programme they playing there something missing I do know what it is help please
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