I have a problem with bin 123


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I have installed the 123 bin on pansat 2700a and a channel list. Set the default key, then entered and stored the latest keys, or at least what I think are the latest keys.

Key0: C2 F3 C8 33 34 1D 3E 93
Key1: 85 30 2D 0A B1 DA EB BC

I checked everything, the diseq setting, signal strenght, but all channels are scrambled.
It's funny, I push the Info button on the remote and I get all the information of what's on that channel, but no sound or picture.

Note: when I entered the keys under Nagravision1 there was only one set of eight characters for the Key0 and the same for Key1. But when I went to Nagravision2 sub menu I found that there were two sets of eight characters for each key, and I only changed the top set of eight character on each key the first time, then tried entring both keys on key0 and the same for key1. Nevertless I have no tv and I need help.


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The first 2 BEV 123 bin releases do NOT work...the keys changed and then the checksums were bad...download the 123 file that ends in "newkeys.zip from [link removed] ..follow the simple instructions...the latest keys are in it...and if U have DN aligned on roof along with Bev, scan the 110-119,and manually enter the DN keys ,then U can watch BOTH BEV and DN..

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Username: Geeker

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Registered: Nov-04
thanks thill1951, I got it. Actually I was putting the keys in the wrong provider ID. I was putting them under dish net. A guy from another board told me to put them under provider ID 09 01. It doesn't make sense but it worked.
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