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I have a fortec lifetime ultra.... running on 110 and 119 with current valid programing. All is good except I do not get the english Discovery Channel. I get the spanish version which is fun to watch but just not the same. Can someone help with getting the discovery channel to come in.


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Well thanks for nothing..... I was able to get help from another site. Everyone really seemed to skip over this post pretty quick.

For anyone else having any problems with missing channels that is using 2 lnbs on a 18" dish.... use channel master and use a channel list. It works great ! Fixed all my problems.

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Noone answered probably because that exact question (maybe not Discovery, but some other channel) was posted here a few 100 times, along with the exact same answer.

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good for you go back to that site and stay there...we don't want you here you dumb fcuker...ROTF

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See now there is a response from the geek squad.... thanks boyz....sorry to bother, I'll let you get back to your chronic masterbation and being a know it all on the internet.

And as for the last message from Thrill_is_gay, sorry to hear about you c0ck envy for Mr Thrill.... your an idiot and don't reply to any of my post....I can do without your lame azz.
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