How to change key for cooltec?


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Can someone help how change the cooltec keys? plz....thanx

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Cooltec is just a clone of the co*olsat...many are reporting problems with the below bin as a killer bin, so DO NOT use it now..there has NOT been a key change since 11-07...there are many risks U take when U buy clones like cooltec, pantec etc..cooltec does not have many forums either for support...U must really search the various DSS forums for info..OTHER receivers area ..

[link removed]

There is no need to load new keys, just get the latest bin, If for some reason you want to change your keys in the future you can do so by pressing 8282 on your remote.

also there are 2 different clones cooltec that use 2 different files..

Cooltec Plus has no 3/4 switch.

There are some new features in the Post October model - the Cooltec Plus. Support for both units is 100% confirmed. However, for now, there are two files, one for each model....which means their support SUCKS!

1) There is a CH3/CH4 switch at the back of the unit.

2) There is no BLIND SEARCH (Look in the TV menu)

3) You received your Cooltec before October 2005


1) CH3/CH4 switch is missing at the back of the unit. The switch btw CH3/CH4 is now done via the software inside the COOLTEC PLUS UNITS!

2) COOLTEC PLUS HAS BLIND SEARCH NOW! (Look in the TV menu) The old Cooltec units do not have that Feature.

3) You received your unit after October 1, 2005


In the near future, the coders will have one file for both. But in the meantime, use the correct file....If U belive that, I'll sell U a mountain in Florida too!....LOL


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How To Manually Enter N2 Keys For Co*olsats:
To enter N2 keys manually you must have the Co*olsat superbin or newer flashed to your receiver.

Enter 8282 with remote as if choosing channel to open CAS Menu

Use volume up and down button on remote to scroll to Nagravision ( Dish Network Provider Ident 0001 ) Use channel up and down button on remote to scroll to different Key Slot IDs and Key Slots.

Enter the keys . Use the Info button for letters A-F . Press it once for A , twice for B , Etc and channel number key pad for number entries Or you can press OK and it will open a Keyboard selection type menu to enter keys.

You will see the following Key Slots:
10 Key
11 key
20 Key
21 Key

Post Edit: After testing I can confirm the bin editor will write to the bin with revised super bin version 1.0 and 1.1. The key slots used for N2 keys is the key slots 10 and 11. Tests of all 4 slots in various combinations reveal 20 and 21 slots have no bearing on signal decryption and correct keys must be inserted in the 10 slot for 00 key and 11 slot for 01 keys. I will note the bin will load the 00 and 01 keys duplicated within the 10 and 11 slots also appearing in the 20 and 21 slots.

When key change is complete, Press Exit and confirm key change save.

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This is only site with alleged safe cooltec files..
Must register first...FREE at

Cooltec Safe Fixes


here are 2 files, both woking ok as of now 11-16... works on both the cooltec4000plus and cooltec 4000pro

For Discussion these files go to >

Attached Files (847.1 KB, 19 views) (718.7 KB, 15 views)

These below are ALL their cooltec files..


Do you which file is for what receiver and if is safe? ie. for cooltec4000plus and/or cooltec 4000pro or for cooltec4000plus and/or cooltec 4000pro. Sorry but i'm new to all of this and don't want to mess up my reciever. Your help is appreciated.

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My post is self explanatory...they work on BOTH!

@ thill1951

Thanks for your help. Much appreciated.
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