Which receiver should I get?


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I've just started looking into this. Which Receiver do all of you recommend? I been reading something about certain receivers going out or something like that, can I get some help? Thank in advance

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U must read and decide for yourself..

Let me ask U something, what car should I buy?...or what restaurant should I go to tomorrow?

its all personal preference, IMO viewsat,co*olsat,dreambox,pansat 2700, 3500,5000 are all good, but some cost more than others but some have better working features than others...I would say,stay away from any Fortec or any clones...but again,that just my opinion..

so whats yours about the car and restaurants?

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viewsatplatinum or coolsat5000 too wise choices

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dont waste your money on cool sat 5000 it sucks. Only has 3 new things that the VIEWSAT 1 year ago and pansat 3500s had a year ago.

the low end fortec is crap but they make 8 receivers the others are really good.

Get the viewsat or orasat.
the cool sat 5000 has major problems like the neosat i pro

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orasat is a piece of crap receiver promoted by a few people who all work with each other. plus, it's ugly as well.

coolsat5000 just came out a few days ago so how do you know it has problems? only difference between the 5000 and the 4000 is a little ram upgrade and rgb video function

do your research and really try it before you start bashing.

dsstester . com

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I would get the vwst. plt. for sure. The support is excellent as well as the unit. I started with c00l. pro, good unit, next vwst plt. better.
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