Punjavi Da
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Hello . this Punjavi Da

ok . am very happy
couse saved money
an today I buy me a clone
of Pansat 2500a

but maybe if Pansat 2500a is aclone
then I have aclone of aclone .

my mother very happy too
couse now she watch punjabi tv
says thank you

ok bye


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Kneegrows...take some more meds dude!

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@Punjavi Da

What the hell is the clone of a clone, but a clone? cloning hardware is not like.....I don't know compressing a dvd movie where you would lose some quality with each time you compress it.

north ontario
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Hey congrats Punjavi! Now you'll need an RS-232C Female to Female DB9 straight Cable c+cable


Pitching In
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C&P from.... [link removed]

1. A PC
2. A Female to Female straight thru SERIAL cable (DB9) or an adapter for normal serial cable

1. 2300_2500_1500 Downloader.exe
2. gtools .exe

1. X8500_2500_10_05_04.bin
2. x7500_x8500.channels51704.gtd

Step 1:
Connect the 2500A and PC thru the serial port using the tool 2 (above), turn the 2500A power ON. Double click the utility file 1 (above) to get this:
Step 2:
Type in the STB Model: key:global, hit BIN file button and select file 1 (above) then Download button:
WAIT until it said Download completed before go to the next step.
Find utility file 2 (above) and double click to open the utility, then File, Open:
Step 4:
Find file 2 (above) and open button:
Step 5:
In gTools select Tools, STB Connect:
Step 6:
Download and wait until it said Download completed before go to the next step.

Setup is done now follow these to configuration 2500A and watch TV.

Setting up this receiver for Di$hnetwork is not hard at all! You MUST follow the instructions. They MUST be followed IN ORDER.
If you don't know what each one does and or not sure if you have done it correctly you CANNOT just go on to the next step and expect things to work out. IT WILL NOT WORK!

1. Flash Pansat 2500a with latest x-8500 bin file. (This MUST BE DONE to DESCRAMBLE the Di$hnet Nagravision1 encrypted data). Use a RS232 Serial Straight Through Cable and Com Port 1 on your computer. Use the flash utility and x-5800 flash file.
2. In antenna setup, select satellite you want, select transponder #1 for bird 110 (Echo 8.6) or #23 for bird 119 (Echo 7). (This MUST be done because we know that these transponders actually are transmitting now).
3. Still in antenna setup set LNB to "Standard" and freq to 11250. (This MUST be done to receive a QUALITY signal from the Satellite).
4. Still in antenna setup, rotate your dish to find the satellite you have selected, watching the QUALITY meter at the bottom of the screen. Get this as HIGH as possible. (This MUST be done before trying to do #5.).
5. Scan satellite for channels. (This will load the channel list from the satellite to your receiver).

6. Go to parental control and use PIN 0000 to get to the 2nd PIN and it will take you to a screen where you can turn the KEYS ON. ((This activates the keys in the x-8500 flash, in file1 (above), to decode the scrambled signals)).

You can now go back to your channel list and delete all of the channels that do not have a $ in front of them, they are
"Ghost Channels". Rename all the $ channels to whatever you want.

P:S: You can get files from that site, buy you will have to register.

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U know that has been posted here 1000x already...nice idea but people need to READ...this link would have been more than sufficient...

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besides that, that wont work on a clone.. i know because ive tried.
I would suggest posting information that you know will work. This is how peoples things get broken

Fool of me
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dont buy clones! I bought a Metrosat and one of the audio/video terminals of the damn chinese sh*it broke down.
I wasted my $150.00 bucks.

Sorry for you Purjavi.

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U bought a POS

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Ineed help to download new bin# for pansat, please help.

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@carlos chavez

future-fta .com, that site will change your life.

Elliot Ness
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@ Punjavi Did u use the same software of original pansat 2500 for ur clone 2500a?

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where the keys

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In the FTA receiver.

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Hey Charlie, Plees wat dew FTA meen. Eye wuz luocin fer "Free Training Academy", haf eye fynd et?

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Eetz akshooalee a Free Trade Agreement.
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