Null(aka Crossover) or Straight Through Cable - Which One Do You Need?


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Here is a list of the most popular receivers on the market and the cable needed to program them.

Ariza Ultra 400/500- Null
Astrovox 2600-Straight DB9
Blackbird and all Blackbird clones(BOB, Max 1000, Stealth II, MS1000, ,etc.)-Null
C00Lsat 4000 Plus-Null
C00Lsat 4000 Pro-Straight DB9
Cooltec-Sraight DB9
Coship (All)-Null
Digiwave 6800/7000-Null
Digiwave Diamond-Straight DB9
Dreambox (All)-Null
Fortec lifetime-Straight DB9
Fortec Lifetime Ultra-Straight DB9
Lava 2600-Null
Max 2500-Null
Megasat (All)-Straight DB9
Microroyal (All)-Null
Pansat 2300a/2500a and all clones-Straight DB9
Pansat 2700-Null
Pansat 3500-Null
Pansat 5000HC-Null(Also can program through USB)
Pantec/Multistar Max (All)-Null
Pantec/Multistar MS (All except MS1000)-Straight DB9
Pantec MX/Ultra-Straight DB9
Silver bullet/ST 1000/2000-Null
Skyview 500-Straight DB9
Spacestar DVB500-Null
Stealth 2000a-Null
Ultrastar 5000-Null
Viewsat VS2000-Null

Hope this helps (and cuts down on repeat questions)Upload

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flipping sweet!

Build yourself a Null Modem cable out of a strait through cable

PCCW brand serial cable Item#MC-301

hi, i got a receiver from a guy for free. there was no serial cable with it, i went and bought one from the computer store.. when the loader program i downloaded didnt work (before i knew about clones) i took the cable apart and rewired it as null modem or crossover cable..

I realize now that for the pansat 2500 and clones, its just a strait through cable, and only three connections are required between the PC and the FTA unit.

For anyone who is interested, this information could be helpful, i spent a good while with the wire coloring for each pin using a multimeter.

Colors could be different for different brands of serial (db9) cables.. Im not sure

Connections required are 2/3/5 (pins)
to make it a null cable you cross 2 with 3, 3 with 2 and 5 strait to 5(system ground) The rest of the cable get cut and are not used

The coloring for my cable was

Yellow(5) Red(3) Brown(2)

Other receivers may require more connections
This is a full out Null Modem cable
2 3
3 2
4 6,1
5 5
6,1 4
7 8
8 7

Here is the full wiring color list (remember, colors could be different for different brands of cable)

1 - Black
2 - Brown
3 - Red
4 - Orange
5 - Yellow
6 - Green
7 - Blue
8 - Purple
9 - Grey
Bare/no coating is Ground (optional)

I hope this can help someone


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Thought i would register, may as well take credit for my hours of googling, the post about having no remote is mine as well, so if anyone can help, or if i can help someone then cheers

punjavi doo
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what a beautybul nickname you have. I like it very much.

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Sparky...good post but unfortunately people here don't we waste our time for the 99% LAZY FREE TV'ers....NO MORE FOR ME!...I'm going to start answering ONLY INTELLIGENT questions by the 2% who do READ and are not more spoon feeding the 98%..the best teacher is the world is one's self, who reads,experiments, tests, and puts the time and effort into his goals..also that develops self esteem,confidence, and independence..

what cable...where can I get latest to aim dish...the keys don't work etc, all dumb questions, which I will no longer answer here anymore!..

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spanky where are you getting the smilies that work here like the one reading that is GREAT and I think we should use it when explaining to newbies etc, could you type the characters (ie : ) for smile ) for me or tell me where to get it, thanks for your hard work on the wiring, although thill is right they won't take the time to read it, also found anon's post iunteresting we need people like that here good work

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You can download smilies anywhere on the internet to your pc, then all you do is 'Upload Image or Attachment' when you're posting something.

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I realize that h3lt3r, thought maybe he was able to do it directly it looks like it to me. you know like the smily :-) = : plus )

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Some of them you can type directly they are here:
The rest I did what h3lt3r said and just grabbed them online.
And thill I know that the majority don't read but I figured if anyone asked we could at least refer them to this thread and force them to read it!

Adam P.
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Spanky, Good and very informative post


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thank you

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well I guess this smily will do the job huh?
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