What can i do? can someone help?


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Hello. Last year i bought 2 "illegal" dish network recievier/card setups. i was charged like 400$ per reciever and card so 800 in total. plus 150 for installations. anyways every couple months we would have to get the cards fixed..and in september (2 months ago) channels started to get blacked out..a few of them every day. since about 2 months ago there havent been any.

we have been asking the store that we got the stuff from when they will be able to fix our cards, and they say that they have been waiting for the thing they need to put on the cards. well we went to the store last night and now they say they arent getting it.

I dont want to have wasted like 1000$. is there any way i can watch tv again? i dont know the model of reciever i have. they are black and on the front right side it says DV3 MPEG 2 and then the dish network symbol. if anyone could help i would appreciate it so much. these jerks at the store ripped us off.

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Well the only way you can do right now is buy a FTA VIEWSAT PLATINUM VS2000 with one seven zero amount you can watch TV like me

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why dont u go and throw a molotov cocktail through the store window cuz they scammed u!

dan tran
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why do spend 1000 buck if you could of waste 200 bucks on fta sat. its free and easy to do.

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Dan...subscribe cause U just don't have it to do this hobby!...subbing will be cheaper in the long run and U will always have TV...U are definitely NOT a "TESTER!

Go screw yourself....ROTF
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-SILLY THILLY-BOY-Who the hell do you think you
are to say that to Dan!.....I told you that you
are a azz o.....Its the same as saying why did
your moma have a jirk like you!!!!You and moma
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son of a b1tch.....Who do you thing you are other
then a azz o....Someone needs to but your lights
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bunchah thiefs
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we ain't no testers...we're all bunch of thiefs...stilling satellite signals from DNetwork by using firmware that cracks the encryption code....and you call yourself a tester...only if you sit on your thumb then spind around like a merry go round....and that would be your test...bunchah thiefs.

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Ok, Let me ask a newbie tester ?. Somebody tell me some good sites to learn on. Ive been out of the loop about 5 years and need a hobby again. Where to start is a ?.

dan tran
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your an old geezer man

Dan Tran
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thill1951 are you stupid or what, he just wasted that much and look what he end up with. nothing! And by they way i didnt consider myself a tester so go suck a c0ck.

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guys wtf. stop cluttering my thread with useless crap.

is there anything i can do other than throw out the recievers/cards i spent all that money on and get a new system??

my msn is valvalor@hotmail.com if anyone that knows their stuff could add me and talk with me a bit thats all i want..just some help.

please dont clutter my thread with useless stuff. yes i admit i know nothing about illegal satellite but thats why im asking for help.

and how bad did they rip me off?

can someboy show me how to download a software so i can upload 256 from my computer to reciever.please.

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I suggest you buy a pansat 2700a receiver, works good and is simple to program.

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can you explain in a bit more detail?


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could anyone please reply to my origional post and give me some information? thank you very much.

if you could add me on msn at valvalor@hotmail.com, i might even be able to paypal you some money for good guidance.

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Why don't you buy a PANSAT 2700A (check ebay), load the latest bin file after pointing your dish to a good satellite (www.lyngsat.com) and enjoy good TV. Your end cost... $200.00+/- and some basic learning! If you really "like" playing around with satellites, you will do it. If you want it easy, you will end up paying someone to do it for you or subscribing to Dish or DTV. in any option, good luck.

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